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Following years of ambiguity and a lack of clear long-term direction, the advent of Jurgen Klopp, the normal one, brought about a seismic shift for Liverpool Football Club, propelling it back to its rightful place among football’s elite. On October 8, 2015, Anfield witnessed the grand unveiling of Jurgen Klopp as Liverpool Football Club’s new manager. The air crackled with disbelief, euphoria, and hysteria, marking every step of his journey from the initial announcement to his inaugural address to the media and fans.

The ‘normal one’ stepped into the scene when the club was engulfed in pessimism, with the prospect of silverware seeming distant and unattainable. Following the heartbreaking end to the 2013/14 Premier League title bid, built on shaky foundations, Brendan Rodgers failed to orchestrate the necessary reconstruction to ensure sustained title contention. With the Reds languishing in 10th place and struggling to a 1-1 draw against Everton on October 4, 2015, Rodgers’ tenure came to an abrupt end. The imagery of Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry, coupled with spontaneous reactions, epitomized his dismissal.

Contenders for the Managerial Post

Among the contenders for the managerial post, Carlo Ancelotti and Jurgen Klopp, the ‘normal one’, emerged, with fate eventually bringing both to Merseyside four years later. However, it was Klopp who had already caught the eye of FSG, clinching the position over 3,000 miles away in New York.

Normal One

FSG president Mike Gordon underscored the ‘normal one’ exceptional credentials, deciding to appoint him straightforwardly. Days later, Klopp was unveiled, introducing himself as the ‘normal one’ and emphasizing the shift from doubters to believers. His demeanor was calm, philosophical, and charismatic as he tackled pressing issues head-on. Klopp’s inaugural address signaled a departure from the burden of history, urging a collective journey toward a brighter future. His vision transcended mere ambition; it was a quest to rewrite Liverpool’s narrative, aiming for title triumph within four years, unencumbered by the weight of past disappointments.

Following Jurgen Klopp’s arrival, Liverpool embarked on an unprecedented journey of resurgence, characterized by a reconnection between players, club, and fans, alongside a steadfast commitment to elevated standards.

Winning World and European Titles

While the road to success was fraught with challenges, including three consecutive final defeats, the ‘normal one’ leadership galvanized the collective effort, emphasizing unity as the cornerstone of future achievements. He championed collaboration with the transfer committee, and sporting director Michael Edwards, and embraced a data-driven approach, acknowledging his limitations within the footballing sphere. Since his appointment in 2015, Klopp has fostered a culture of relentless improvement, cultivating a team of “mentality monsters” who embody his unwavering pursuit of excellence. This ethos bore fruit as Liverpool claimed both the world and European titles, positioning themselves for a historic Premier League triumph after three decades.

In just over four years, Klopp has masterfully navigated Liverpool’s transformation, alleviating the burdens of the past, instilling belief among skeptics, and elevating the club to the pinnacle of footballing excellence once more. With Klopp’s contract extended until 2024, Liverpool supporters can anticipate a continuation of memorable nights and triumphs, under the guidance of a manager who wholeheartedly embraces the ethos and traditions of the football club.

Klopp’s Farewell

As Jurgen Klopp bid farewell to Liverpool, his departure marked the conclusion of a legendary tenure that transcended mere managerial success. The ‘normal one’ near nine-year journey at Anfield was a testament to his emotional investment and transformative impact on Liverpool Football Club, which saw him transition the team from a state of hopelessness to one of unparalleled glory. On a poignant Sunday afternoon bathed in sunlight, Klopp managed Liverpool for the final time, evoking tears from players and fans alike. Having announced his impending departure at the beginning of the season, the ‘normal one’ exit was met with a blend of acceptance and reluctance from the passionate Liverpool faithful.

Normal One

Arne Slot was unveiled as the ‘normal one’ successor, set to officially assume his duties on June 1 2024 following a successful stint at Feyenoord. The transition signaled a new chapter for Liverpool, as they navigated the departure of a beloved figurehead and embraced the promise of new leadership. Amidst the farewell tributes and emotional scenes at Anfield, Klopp’s impact on the club extended far beyond the silverware amassed during his tenure. He revitalized a team that was once mired in mediocrity, transforming them into champions of Europe and England, while captivating the hearts of fans with his charismatic persona and passionate touchline antics.

As the ‘normal one’ bid adieu to the Anfield faithful, he left behind a legacy that transcended the boundaries of football. His departure marked the end of an era, leaving Liverpool fans to reconcile with the reality of a post-Klopp era and the indelible mark he had left on their beloved club.

Who is Liverpool’s New Coach?

The ‘normal one’ legacy at Liverpool was profound and multifaceted. His tenure saw the club rise from the shadows of uncertainty to the summit of European and world football. Under his stewardship, Liverpool clinched their sixth UEFA Champions League title and their first FIFA Club World Cup, solidifying their status as a powerhouse in the global footballing landscape. Beyond the silverware, Klopp’s impact extended to the very fabric of the club, instilling a sense of unity, passion, and belief among players, staff, and supporters alike. His charismatic leadership and unwavering commitment to his footballing philosophy endeared him to the Anfield faithful, leaving an indelible mark on Liverpool’s history.

As the ‘normal one’ bid farewell to Liverpool, the search for his successor culminated in the appointment of Arne Slot, a 45-year-old, as the club’s new coach. Klopp’s announcement of his resignation, citing a depletion of energy after an illustrious tenure, marked the end of an era at Anfield, leaving a void that Arne Slot is tasked with filling. Arne Slot steps into his role as the new head coach of Liverpool Football Club, officially commencing his duties after departing Feyenoord. Slot will integrate with the squad as preparations for the 2024-25 season kicked off in July, with a trio of matches in the USA forming part of the pre-season regimen.

Normal One

Hailing from the Netherlands, Slot arrives with an impressive track record from his tenure at Feyenoord, where he steered the team to the league title in 2023 and earned the Eredivisie Manager of the Year accolade twice. Notably, in April, he guided Feyenoord to victory in the KNVB Cup, securing a 1-0 win over NEC Nijmegen in the final. As Liverpool enjoys the new era under Slot’s guidance, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement among supporters. The club’s owners, Fenway Sports Group, have expressed their confidence in Slot’s ability to lead Liverpool to further glory.


In bidding farewell to the ‘normal one’ Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool closes a chapter defined by unparalleled success, unwavering passion, and profound transformation. Klopp’s departure marks the end of an era filled with unforgettable moments and unprecedented achievements. As Liverpool navigates the transition to new leadership under Arne Slot, Klopp’s legacy serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding fans of the heights the club reached under his guidance. Though Klopp may depart Anfield, his indelible imprint on Liverpool Football Club and its supporters ensures that his influence will endure for generations to come.

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