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In the ever-evolving landscape of football ownership and management, Fenway Sports Group (FSG) has emerged as a prominent figure. With Liverpool FC under their stewardship, FSG’s latest move to appoint Michael Edwards as the CEO of Football signals a strategic expansion of their football portfolio. Central to this expansion is the acquisition of another club, aimed at bolstering Liverpool’s capabilities, particularly in player recruitment and development.

The Search for Strategic Partnerships

FSG’s quest for a suitable partner club has led them to consider several options across diverse markets. Guided by insights from data experts at Prospect, a sports tech company leveraging AI, four clubs have emerged as potential candidates: Toulouse (France), KVC Westerlo (Belgium), Gil Vicente (Portugal), and Dundee United (Scotland). These clubs present unique opportunities for FSG to achieve their objectives while aligning with Liverpool’s strategic goals.

Market Dynamics and Strategic Considerations

As Fenway Sports Group navigates through various markets, they weigh the pros and cons of each potential partnership. France, Belgium, Portugal, and Scotland stand out as primary markets, offering distinct advantages such as work permit flexibility, tactical influence, scouting networks, and market access. While Saudi Arabia, the USA, Brazil, and India are discounted due to financial and geopolitical factors, the remaining markets hold promise for FSG’s expansion strategy.

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The Case for Toulouse

Among the contenders, Toulouse emerges as a frontrunner, bolstered by FSG’s existing partnership with RedBird Capital, who already own the Ligue 1 side. Reports of a possible sale further enhance Toulouse’s appeal, positioning it as an attractive option for FSG’s expansion plans. Moreover, the appointment of Pedro Marques as FSG’s new technical director for football hints at a potential focus on the Portuguese market, given his prior experience at Benfica.

Assessing Acquisition Costs & Potential Benefits

Financial considerations play a crucial role in Fenway Sports Group’s decision-making process. Toulouse (£43m to £68.5m), KVC Westerlo (£6m to £9.4m), Gil Vicente (£6.8m to £10.3m), and Dundee United (£8.6m to £12.3m) offer relatively affordable acquisition options. Beyond cost, these clubs offer avenues for Liverpool to tap into different markets, gain exposure for players, and navigate work permit challenges effectively.

Exploring Additional Markets

While France, Belgium, Portugal, and Scotland remain focal points, Prospect’s data suggests that FSG could also explore markets like Sweden, Brazil, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Each market presents unique opportunities and challenges, requiring a nuanced approach to partnership selection. By leveraging comprehensive data insights, FSG can strategically expand their football portfolio while enhancing Liverpool’s competitive edge.

Toulouse: French Football

France, known for its rich footballing tradition, presents a compelling case for FSG’s expansion. Toulouse, situated in the heart of Ligue 1, offers a gateway to one of Europe’s most competitive leagues. With RedBird Capital’s ties to the club, FSG can leverage existing relationships to streamline operations and maximize synergies between Toulouse and Liverpool. Furthermore, Toulouse’s strategic location provides access to top-tier talent in Europe, aligning with Liverpool’s vision of sustained success on the global stage.

Touse: French FC

KVC Westerlo: Belgian Football

Belgium, often regarded as a hotbed for talent, presents an intriguing proposition for FSG. KVC Westerlo, nestled in the vibrant footballing landscape of Belgium’s Pro League, offers a platform to discover and develop emerging stars. With a modest acquisition cost and ample opportunities for player development, Westerlo could serve as a valuable asset in Liverpool’s talent pipeline. Additionally, Belgium’s proximity to major European markets enhances Liverpool’s scouting capabilities, positioning the club for long-term success in continental competitions.

Gil Vicente: Portugal’s Primeira Liga

Portugal, renowned for its footballing pedigree, remains a focal point in FSG’s expansion strategy. Gil Vicente, a fixture in Portugal’s Primeira Liga, embodies the country’s rich footballing heritage. With a history of producing top-tier talent, Gil Vicente offers Liverpool a strategic foothold in the Portuguese market. The club’s modest acquisition cost and established scouting networks make it an attractive proposition for FSG. By investing in Gil Vicente, Liverpool can tap into Portugal’s talent pool while strengthening their presence in one of Europe’s most competitive leagues.

Dundee United

Scotland, steeped in footballing tradition, emerges as a key market for FSG’s expansion plans. Dundee United, a stalwart in Scottish football, boasts a rich history and a passionate fanbase. With a moderate acquisition cost and access to top-tier talent in Scotland, Dundee United presents an enticing opportunity for FSG. Moreover, Scotland’s strategic location within the UK provides Liverpool with a gateway to the lucrative English football market. By partnering with Dundee United, Liverpool can bolster their scouting networks and unearth hidden gems in the Scottish footballing landscape.


As Fenway Sports Group embarks on its quest for a strategic partnership, the footballing world watches with anticipation. With Liverpool FC at the forefront of their ambitions, FSG’s expansion efforts hold the potential to reshape the landscape of football ownership. By harnessing data-driven insights and strategic foresight, FSG aims to identify the perfect partner club, propelling Liverpool towards sustained success on and off the pitch. As the pursuit of excellence continues, FSG remains committed to forging strategic alliances that elevate Liverpool to new heights in the ever-competitive world of football.

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