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With Euro 2024 just around the corner, Liverpool fans have much to anticipate as ten of their players are set to compete in the tournament. This article provides a comprehensive preview of when and where these Reds will be in action, offering a snapshot of their potential impact and contributions to their respective national teams.

Tournament Overview

Euro 2024, hosted by Germany, promises a month of thrilling football, running from June 14 to July 14. The competition will feature 24 national teams, vying for the prestigious European Championship title. The group stage will see the top two teams from each of the six groups advance to the Round of 16, along with the four best third-placed teams in Euro 2024.

Group A: Andy Robertson and Dominik Szoboszlai

Teams: Scotland and Hungary

Andy Robertson Leads Scotland

Scotland’s Euro 2024 journey begins with a daunting task: facing the host nation, Germany. Captain Andy Robertson will be crucial as he leads his side against formidable opponents. The opening match kicks off on Friday, June 14, at 8pm BST in Munich’s Allianz Arena. Robertson’s leadership and experience at the back will be essential in navigating Scotland through their challenging Euro 2024 fixtures.

Following their opener, Scotland will clash with Switzerland on June 19 in Cologne (8pm BST), a match where Robertson’s defensive prowess and ability to support forward play will be tested. The group stage concludes for Scotland with a match against Hungary on June 23 in Stuttgart (8pm BST), setting up an intriguing encounter between Robertson and his Liverpool teammate, Dominik Szoboszlai.

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Dominik Szoboszlai: Hungary’s Maestro

Dominik Szoboszlai will be at the helm of Hungary’s midfield. Their Euro 2024 campaign kicks off against Switzerland on June 15 in Cologne at 2pm BST. Szoboszlai’s creativity and goal-scoring threat will be vital as Hungary seeks a strong start.

The pivotal fixture for Szoboszlai will be against Germany on June 19 in Stuttgart (5pm BST). His ability to influence the game from midfield could be key in challenging the hosts. Hungary’s group stage culminates in a high-stakes match against Scotland, offering Szoboszlai a chance to demonstrate his skills on a grand stage and potentially outshine his club captain.

Clash of Reds: Scotland vs Hungary

The final Euro 2024 group match between Scotland and Hungary will see Andy Robertson and Dominik Szoboszlai face off in Stuttgart on June 23 at 8pm BST. This encounter not only determines group standings but also provides a fascinating narrative as two Liverpool stars battle for national pride and a spot in the knockout stages.

Group C: Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez

Team: England

Trent Alexander-Arnold: England’s Creative Force

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s inclusion in England’s final squad highlights his importance as an attacking full-back. His creativity from the right flank will be instrumental as England opens their Euro 2024 campaign against Serbia in Gelsenkirchen on June 16 (8pm BST). His precise crossing and set-piece expertise are assets that England will rely on to break down defenses.

Alexander-Arnold’s role becomes even more significant against Denmark on June 20 in Frankfurt (5pm BST), where his overlapping runs and ability to deliver pinpoint assists could be crucial. England’s group stage concludes with a fixture against Slovenia in Cologne on June 25 (8pm BST), and Alexander-Arnold’s performance could determine England’s positioning for the knockout rounds.

England squad in Euro 2024: Liverpool fc

Joe Gomez: Defensive Solidity

Joe Gomez’s versatility and defensive acumen earned him a spot in England’s squad. As a central defender, Gomez’s responsibilities will be to ensure defensive solidity against Serbia’s attacking threats and Denmark’s dynamic play. His composure and ability to read the game will be crucial throughout the group stage.

Gomez’s adaptability could be vital in managing England’s defense across different match situations, particularly in the crucial fixtures against Serbia and Denmark. His partnership with other defenders will be key in providing a stable backline for England as they navigate their path through Group C.

Group D: Cody Gakpo, Ryan Gravenberch, Virgil van Dijk, and Ibrahima Konate

Teams: Netherlands and France

Netherlands’ Trio: Gakpo, Gravenberch, and van Dijk

Cody Gakpo: Offensive Threat

Cody Gakpo, a forward for the Netherlands, is expected to bring his goal-scoring prowess to Euro 2024. The Dutch begin their campaign against Poland on June 16 in Hamburg (2pm BST). Gakpo’s ability to create and convert chances will be vital as the Netherlands aims for a strong start.

Gakpo will also be crucial when the Netherlands face France on June 21 in Leipzig (8pm BST). His performance against one of the tournament favorites will be closely watched. The final group match against Austria on June 25 in Berlin (5pm BST) offers Gakpo an opportunity to further showcase his attacking talents.

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Ryan Gravenberch: Midfield Dynamo

Ryan Gravenberch will be a key figure in the Netherlands’ midfield. His ability to control the game’s tempo and contribute both offensively and defensively will be essential as the Dutch face Poland. Gravenberch’s vision and passing range will be tested against France, where he will need to outmaneuver a formidable French midfield.

Gravenberch’s performance against Austria will be critical in ensuring the Netherlands’ progression to the knockout stages. His contributions will be pivotal in linking defense and attack, making him a crucial component of the Dutch side.

Virgil van Dijk: The Captain’s Influence

Virgil van Dijk, the Netherlands’ captain, will anchor their defense. His leadership and experience are invaluable as the Dutch navigate their group fixtures. Against Poland, van Dijk’s defensive organization and aerial dominance will be crucial in neutralizing threats.

The clash with France will be a significant test for van Dijk, who will need to marshal his defense against some of the tournament’s best attackers. The group stage finale against Austria will require van Dijk’s composure and defensive solidity to secure a favorable result for the Netherlands.

Ibrahima Konate: France’s Defensive Pillar

Ibrahima Konate, representing France, will play a crucial role in their defensive setup. France’s Euro 2024 journey begins against Austria on June 17 in Dusseldorf (8pm BST). Konate’s physical presence and ability to thwart attacks will be key as France looks to establish a strong defensive record.

The Euro 2024 match against the Netherlands on June 21 in Leipzig (8pm BST) will see Konate go head-to-head with his Liverpool teammates. His performance in this high-stakes fixture will be crucial in determining France’s group stage success. France concludes their group phase against Poland on June 25 in Dortmund (5pm BST), where Konate’s defensive contributions will be vital in securing a place in the knockout rounds.

Group F: Vitezslav Jaros and Diogo Jota

Teams: Czechia and Portugal

Vitezslav Jaros: Czechia’s Young Talent

Vitezslav Jaros, the young goalkeeper, will represent Czechia in Group F. Their opening match is against Diogo Jota’s Portugal on June 18 in Leipzig (8pm BST). Jaros will face a challenging task in thwarting Portugal’s potent attack, and his performance could be pivotal in Czechia’s efforts to secure points.

Czechia’s second match is against Georgia on June 22 in Hamburg (2pm BST), where Jaros’s goalkeeping skills will be tested against a team looking to make their mark. The final group match against Turkiye on June 26 in Hamburg (8pm BST) will see Jaros aiming to help his team progress to the Euro 2024 knockout stages.

Diogo Jota: Portugal’s Attacking Force

Diogo Jota will be a key attacking asset for Portugal in Group F. Portugal’s campaign begins with a clash against Czechia on June 18 in Leipzig (8pm BST). Jota’s speed, creativity, and goal-scoring ability will be essential in breaking down Czechia’s defense and securing a strong start.

Jota’s next challenge is against Turkiye on June 22 in Dortmund (5pm BST), where his attacking instincts and ability to exploit defensive gaps will be crucial. Portugal concludes their group stage against Georgia on June 26 in Gelsenkirchen (8pm BST), with Jota expected to play a significant role in leading his team’s offensive efforts.

Knockout Stage Aspirations

The group stage of Euro 2024 will set the stage for intense knockout round action. With Liverpool players spread across various teams, the potential for intriguing matchups and critical performances is high. Players like Andy Robertson, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Virgil van Dijk will look to leverage their experience and leadership to guide their teams deep into the tournament.

The knockout stages will provide a platform for these players to showcase their talents on one of the biggest stages in international football. Their performances will not only influence their national teams’ fortunes but also enhance their reputations on the European stage during Euro 2024 campaign.

Conclusion: A Summer of Liverpool Stars at Euro 2024

Euro 2024 promises to be a thrilling tournament, and Liverpool fans have much to look forward to as ten of their players compete across various national teams. From Andy Robertson’s leadership with Scotland to Dominik Szoboszlai’s creative midfield play for Hungary, and from Trent Alexander-Arnold’s attacking prowess for England to Virgil van Dijk’s defensive solidity for the Netherlands, Liverpool’s presence will be felt throughout the competition.

As the tournament progresses, the performances of these Liverpool stars will be closely watched, not only for their impact on the tournament but also for how they carry their club form into the international arena.

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