Wataru Endo

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  • DOB/Age: 9 February 1993 – Age 31 years
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Height: 1.78m
  • Position: Midfield #3
  • Signed/Debut: Liverpool FC in August 2023

After exploring Liverpool FC’s defenders like Conor Bradley and their journey from ‘small’ clubs to the international club, today we shift gears to check on Anfield mid-fielders, and to start us off in this category is Wataru Endo. To Liverpool FC, it was a significant addition to the club’s legends when Wataru Endo arrived in August 2023. Since then Endo has made a remarkable effect, displaying his prowess as a defensive midfielder and contributing critically to the squad’s success.

From his debut against Bournemouth to his core role in Liverpool’s win in the 2024 EFL Cup final over Chelsea, Wataru has swiftly become a supporter’s favorite at the stadium. Stay hooked on this section as we dive into the player’s journey and successes with Liverpool FC.

Endo’s Early Life and Career

Wataru Endo was born on February 9th, 1993, in Japan, where his passion for soccer was fanned into flame at a young age. He started shaping his skills in local youth academies before making his breakthrough into professional soccer. The midfielder’s journey took a significant turn when he joined J1 League club Shonan Bellmare, where his talent thrived.

Besides facing relegation in 2013, Wataru played a core role in Shonan’s resurgence, assisting them in reclaiming promotion to the J1 League in 2014. His unique performances did not go unnoticed, leading to a transfer to Urawa Red Diamonds, another popular team in the Japanese soccer scene. It’s a transition that marked a significant step in his career, laying a foundation for his future achievements both domestically and internationally.

Club Career Before Liverpool

Before Wataru Endo joined Liverpool FC, he embarked on a journey of achievements and growth at several clubs. After his stint at Urawa Red Diamonds, where he managed to clinch the 2016 J. League Cup and the luxurious 2017 AFC Champions League title, Wataru Endo ventured into English soccer. He crafted a notable impact at Belgian Pro League side Sint-Truiden, displaying his versatility and defensive prowess.

wataru endo

The player’s loan spell at Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart in 2019 further cemented his image as a formidable mid-fielder. His permanent transfer to Stuttgart in April 2020 witnessed him lead the club during his final season in Germany, leaving a legacy of persistence and management. Throughout his team career before Liverpool FC, Wataru Endo consistently displayed his capacity to adapt to various leagues and contributed significantly to his team’s success on both domestic and international fronts.

The Transfer to Liverpool FC

Endo’s transformative journey to Liverpool FC in August 2023 marked a significant step in his career and Liverpool’s history. Liverpool club got the services of the tactical midfielder for a fee of at least 16 million dollars, displaying their belief in his capacities to boost their squad. It was a move that signaled Liverpool’s intention to reinforce their midfield alternatives and improve their competitiveness in both local and English competitions. His arrival at Anfield stadium caused considerable excitement among fans in the four stands of Anfield.

Most of the curious fans were ready to see how the Japanese player would adapt to the rigorous demands of the Premier League and contribute to Liverpool’s need for silverware. His interesting track record in English and intercontinental soccer triggered high expectations, with fans hopeful that Wataru Endo would manage to make an immediate impact on the club’s performances. As he donned the iconic Liverpool jersey, expectations swirled around his strength to become a key icon in Jurgen Klopp’s tactical setup.

Achievements, Moments, and Performances

The midfielder wasted no time making his mark at Liverpool FC, quickly becoming a key part of the team’s success. His period at Anfield Stadium has been embodied by a series of record-breaking achievements, unforgettable scenes, and game-winning performances. The midfielders scoring prowess has been a revelation for the club, adding a dimension to their midfield play. He scored his first goal for the team in a UEFA Europa League game over Toulouse, showcasing his capacity to contribute offensively as well as defensively. Endo’s knack for tracking the back of the net in critical events has been invaluable to the senior club’s success, comprising a critical equalizer over Fulham in the Premier League.

Wataru Endo

Wataru Endo: Eurosport

In recognition of his interesting contributions, Wataru Endo was Liverpool’s Player of the Month for December, displaying his unspeakable perfection in the stadium. His leadership qualities and confidence under pressure have been praised, regularly rallying the squad and delivering stellar performances when it mattered most. Various unique events and games showcase the player’s brilliance at the club. His full pitch debut over Leicester City in the EFL Cup witnessed him offer the assist for the deciding goal, presenting his capacity to influence the match’s results. Furthermore, his performance in the 2024 EFL Cup final over Chelsea was instrumental in getting the club’s win, as he played the entire 2 hours with determination and consistency.

Endo’s impact transcends statistics, with his availability in the stadium inspiring his teammates and motivating supporters globally. Whether it’s through unforgettable goals, important assists, or commanding defensive displays, the player’s contributions have left an indelible mark on Liverpool FC, solidifying his legacy as a true special player.

Wataru Endo: Personal Life

Off the stadium, Wataru Endo leads a stable and fulfilling private life alongside his soccer career. Beyond the stadium, the player is known for his philanthropic endeavors, actively supporting several charitable causes and programs. His devotion to making a positive impact stretches beyond soccer, reflecting his commitment to giving back to society. Besides his busy program, Wataru Endo remains committed to his family, sharing glimpses of his personal life on social media sites such as IG. Married with four children, the player cherishes family time and regularly posts heartwarming images with his children, keeping their identities confidential.

Endo’s fame goes beyond soccer, with his global impact earning him attraction from supporters globally. Affectionately, his presence at Liverpool FC has not only raised the team’s image but also captured the souls of fans everywhere. The player’s influence resonates far beyond soccer pitches, leaving an everlasting impression on those close to him, whether on or off the field.

Rumors and Future Prospects

Following an agreement reached to sign Wataru Endo from VfB Stuttgart on a long-term contract, manager Jurgen Klopp expressed his excitement about the acquisition, highlighting Endo’s experience, management qualities, and extraordinary work ethic. While the transfer deal symbolizes a promising future for Wataru Endo at Liverpool, possible roadblocks such as adapting to the Premier League’s intensity may lie ahead. However, with his remarkable capacities and devotion to the match, his prospects at Liverpool remain brighter.


Wataru Endo’s football journey and transformation at Liverpool FC has been nothing short of remarkable outcomes. Since he joined the club, he has made a lasting impact using his exceptional skills, management, and commitment on and off the stadium. From memorable goals to core performances, Wataru Endo has cemented his position as a supporter favorite and a main contributor to the club’s achievements. His charisma stretches beyond the stadium, resonating with supporters globally and displaying the pure essence of soccer perfection.

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