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Liverpool’s history is not just a mere story but it’s a mixture of triumphs, heartbreaks, tension, and hair-raising episodes. In the past and recent years, fans have cheered and gasped for breath during the club’s matches. Supported by at least 200 supporter clubs in over fifty countries, Liverpool not only stands as a city but as a club that has written history; redefining the exact term “unpredictable”

Who is the Founder of Liverpool FC

Following Everton’s eviction from Anfield in 1892 by John Houlding, Anfield was left vacant and no team could play games on it. Houlding came up with the answer to the quandary by establishing his soccer club – Liverpool. formed in June 1892. Please note, that this is not similar to Liverpool Ramblers AFC, a team that was founded a decade earlier.

First-Ever Victory

In the year 1901, the club shone with their first-ever win in the League Championship. There was a stunning streak of 9 wins and 3 draws in their last dozen games. This was a good start for the Reds. After their remarkable wins and return to the city with a trophy, the club got a joyous welcome for the heroes. The club’s fans couldn’t hide their joy and celebration as they hoisted Alex Raisbeck, the team’s Captain by then, above their heads.

Trophies Won by Liverpool

During the Second World War, the Liverpool club was good on its toes though not super stable. They roared with victory after winning their fourth League title in the year 1947. The team travailed through the rough path particularly after they descended to the second division 7 years later. This wasn’t appealing until that moment when Bill Shankly became the well-able manager to push things in the right direction.

Bill Shankly’s Appointment as Manager

After Bill’s appointment in 1959, he took the right and bold step by letting go of the first members of the club. He later played his cards well by transforming the team’s storage room into the popular Boot room. This room was unique since coaches would meet secretly probably to discuss new developments

Bob Paisley Takes Over Club’s Leadership

Bill’s uncommon techniques paid off swiftly. Liverpool rose to the First Tier in the year 1962. The club went snagging the League’s title in 1966 and 1973 not forgetting the 1965 and 1974 FA cups. Still, aspiring hearts to persevere and believe, the club also displayed its expertise by nabbing its initial trophy in the European jurisdiction in the 1973 UEFA Cup. Amid all these victories, Bill stepped down. Probably, he had ‘overworked’ so he saw it good to pass the mantle to Bob Paisley. After his retirement, he didn’t cease to become part of Liverpool’s board until his demise in 1996.

Stretching the Trophy’s Cabinet

From Bill to Bob, Liverpool’s wins did not stagger. With Paisley on board, the club turned out to be a force worth reckoning with. For 9 years, they astonished everyone by scooping 6 League titles and 3 League Cups. This was a great time to showcase the undoubted level of resilience. Liverpool ruled across the walls of Europe, particularly through the possession of 3 European Cups and a UEFA Cup between 1976 and 1981

Joe Fagan Takes on the Deck

Upon the retirement of Paisley in 1983, Joe Fagan took over the deck. The change in leadership didn’t deny Liverpool the chance to walk away with triumph and great achievements. Fagan’s first season was clothed with fame and Liverpool’s light moments.

Disasters Under Joe

Still, under Fagan’s reign, Juventus had a clash with Liverpool in the Finals of the European Cup. This match was embedded with tragic incidents of Heysel’s calamity. Some of the soccer fans caused chaos and disorder that created a gigantic collapse of the stadium wall. The tragedy claimed 39 lives and the overall blame was directed to the Liverpool fans. These repercussions led to Liverpool being banned from participating in the English clubs in European games.

Over 20,000 Supporters in Hillsborough

Liverpool’s history had tangible downs but with European football off the arena, Liverpool club re-channeled their minds to the local soccer games. Some of their wins in the 1985 FA Cup and other League titles that followed up were overwhelmed by another disruptive block. After the 1988 Liverpool League titles the semi-final competition caused another tragic disaster that claimed at least 94 lives of their supporters. It was a crowd crush that marked the worrying Hillsborough calamity. This is still in the memories of most fans and the entire English Football fraternity.

Clinching another Title in the 9th League

In the year 1990, Liverpool clinched another title in the ninth League. Besides the victory, their fortunes made a significant downturn. There were fewer victories compared to the energy in the past years during Bill and Bob’s reigns. This suggested a fading glory and fame evolving around the football club.

Scooping the Fifth European Cup

In 2005, they seemed to have realized room for another opportunity to soar higher and higher. Their focus began soaring in a dramatic turn of scenarios, particularly in the Champions League finals. Liverpool trailed 3-0 in a half-game with AC Milan getting the win in a nail-biter penalty shooting. Nevertheless, this significant triumph turned out to be a tangible pinnacle despite the ugly events of relative drop. After one decade, the club regularly got themselves in the space of various English teams with sparse Cup wins.


 As runners-up, Liverpool was good at flirting with Premier League glow especially in the years 2002, 2014, and 2019. Nevertheless, following the instruction of Jurgen Klopp in 2020, the pieces were placed in an excellent position. Jurgen’s leadership made Liverpool surge ahead of the game and therefore painted the sky red with a reign. The recent pandemic, Covid-19, caused an interruption, particularly in the League’s culmination but rested in the club’s favor. Liverpool’s determined pursuit courtesy of Jurgen’s strategic bravery, gave them the greatly desired Premier League Title after a few years of close misses.

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