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  • DOB/Age: 13th January 1997; 27 years old
  • Nationality: Colombian
  • Height: 1.78m
  • Position: Winger #7
  • Signed/Debut: 30 January 2022; Porto; £37.5m

In the space of soccer sport, few numbers hold the prestige of Liverpool’s iconic No. 7 shirt. Luis Diaz’s arrival in January 2022 introduced a new chapter at Anfield. With blistering pace and goal-scoring flair, Diaz quickly endeared himself to spectators, embodying the essence of the shirt’s legacy. Nevertheless, before Diaz, there was Kenny Dalglish, “The King” of Anfield. Kenny’s mastery defined a season, his No. 7 jersey a symbol of excellence. As we flashback on Diaz’s impact, we honor the lineage of greatness he follows, bridging the past with the present in the timeless story of LFC.

Early Life and Career

Born on January 13, 1997, in Barranquilla, Colombia, Luis Diaz’s interest in soccer sport sparked at a young age. Growing up in a soccer-loving family, he sharpened his tactics on the streets of his hometown before transitioning to the local youth academies. At the age of 18, Luis Diaz made his professional debut with Barranquilla-based club Barranquilla FC, displaying glimpses of his prodigious talent. His breakthrough came with Junior Barranquilla, where his electrifying tactics caught the attention of the scouts.

Diaz’s ascent continued as he earned a transfer to South American giants Club Atletico Junior, where he thrived on the international platform, impressing with his athletics skills and dribbling ability. His exploits in the Copa Libertadores drew attention from European clubs, leading to his core transfer to Portuguese side FC Porto in 2019. This established a significant step in Diaz’s career, laying the foundation for his eventual rise to popularity at Liverpool FC.

Club Career Before Liverpool FC

During his time with FC Porto, Luis Diaz displayed his immense skills and versatility as a winger, becoming a pivotal icon for the Portuguese outfit. He made a notable impact in both domestic and European matches, consistently delivering unique performances. Diaz’s flair and goal-scoring ability played a crucial role in Porto’s success, assisting the squad to secure silverware and maintain a competitive edge in the Primeira Liga.

Luis Diaz

One of his special events came in the 2020-2021 season when he played an important role in Porto’s journey to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League, impressing with his skillful dribbling and critical goals. Furthermore, Diaz’s contributions assisted Porto secure the Portuguese league title during his period, further solidifying his image as one of the most exciting prospects in English football. His time at Porto not only showcased his talent but also prepared him for the challenges and expectations awaiting him at Liverpool FC.

The Transfer to Liverpool

Luis Diaz’s transition to Liverpool FC in January 2022 introduced a significant moment in his career and for the team. The move came after Liverpool pinpointed Luis Diaz as a key target to reinforce their attacking alternatives. Negotiations between Liverpool and FC Porto brought in a deal reportedly worth around £37 million, making Diaz the club’s most expensive January signing at the time.

Fans and pundits alike greeted Diaz’s arrival with anticipation and excitement. His reputation as a dynamic winger with pace and flair preceded him, raising expectations for his impact at Anfield. Many saw him as a player capable of adding a new dimension to Liverpool’s attacking play, complementing the existing talents of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané, and others. The signing was viewed as a statement of intent from Liverpool, signaling their ambition to maintain their competitive edge in domestic and European competitions.

How Many Trophies Has Luis Diaz Won?

Since joining Liverpool FC, Luis Diaz has etched his name in Liverpool history with a string of impressive achievements and performances. Notably, he played a crucial role in Liverpool’s triumphs in the English Super Cup and the English League Cup in 2022 and 2023 respectively, adding silverware to the club’s trophy cabinet. Diaz’s goal-scoring prowess added a new dimension to Liverpool’s attack, with his blistering pace and clinical finishing proving invaluable. He set several records during his tenure, including the fastest goal by a Liverpool debutant in the Premier League, a testament to his instant impact.

Luis Diaz

Luis Diaz: DAZN

One of Diaz’s standout moments came in the UEFA Champions League quarter-final against Benfica. With Liverpool trailing, Luis Diaz scored a crucial goal to ignite a remarkable comeback, showcasing his ability to perform under pressure on the grandest stage. His impact wasn’t limited to goal-scoring alone; Diaz’s versatility and work rate made him a valuable asset in all phases of the game. Whether tracking back to defend or initiating attacks with his incisive runs, he epitomized the modern winger.

Diaz’s contributions didn’t go unnoticed, earning him individual accolades such as Player of the Month awards and inclusion in various Best XI lists. His performances consistently garnered praise from fans and pundits alike, establishing him as one of the Premier League’s most exciting talents. Moreover, Diaz’s knack for delivering in crucial moments endeared him further to the Anfield faithful. Whether it was scoring decisive goals in title-chasing clashes or providing crucial assists in cup finals, he consistently rose to the occasion, earning the admiration of teammates and opponents alike.

Personal Life Revealed

Luis Diaz’s personal life reflects a balance between his footballing commitments and his cherished moments with family. In July 2023, he tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Gera Ponce, and together they welcomed a child into their lives. However, amidst the joyous occasions, Diaz faced a harrowing ordeal when his father, Luis Manuel, was held hostage for 12 days. Thankfully, he was securely released near the Venezuelan border on November 9, an evidence to the challenges Diaz has explored off the field.

Despite the turbulence, Diaz’s impact extends beyond the football pitch. While his net worth is estimated at approximately 1.5 million euros, his influence transcends financial metrics. Diaz actively engages in philanthropic endeavors, using his platform to support charitable causes and uplift communities in need.

Moreover, Diaz’s presence at Liverpool FC has not only boosted the team’s on-field performance but has also improved the squad’s world brand. His growing popularity among fans, coupled with his dynamic playing style, has contributed to what some have termed the Diaz impact on Anfield, a phenomenon that reflects Diaz’s ability to captivate audiences globally, further solidifying Liverpool’s status as a footballing powerhouse on the global platform.

Rumors and Future Prospects

Amidst swirling transfer rumors, Liverpool’s Luis Diaz finds himself in the spotlight as Paris Saint-Germain eyes him as a potential replacement for departing star Kylian Mbappe. Despite the upheavals of his personal life, including his father’s kidnapping, Diaz remains committed to Liverpool, where the club has provided crucial support during challenging times. While PSG’s financial muscle could tempt, Liverpool values Diaz’s contributions to their forward line and aims to retain him beyond his contract until 2027. As speculation mounts, Diaz’s future under Fenway Sports Group hangs in the balance, highlighting both the uncertainties and opportunities that lie ahead.


In his brief yet impactful tenure at Liverpool FC, Luis Diaz has etched his name into the annals of club history. From his electrifying performances on the pitch to his resilience in the face of personal challenges, Diaz has become a beloved figure among fans worldwide. As he continues to dazzle with his skill and determination, his significance transcends the football pitch, symbolizing the enduring spirit of Liverpool FC and the universal allure of the beautiful game.

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