Adrian San Miguel

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  • DOB/Age: Born in 1987; Age 37 years
  • Nationality: Seville, Spain
  • Height: 190cm
  • Position: Liverpool Backup Goalkeeper
  • Signed/Debut: Roma; 66 million pounds; 19th July 2018

After looking at the top and most expensive Liverpool goalkeeper in the world, we have decided to treat you to another legend, Adrian San Miguel, who is significant at Liverpool. Adrian’s arrival at Anfield in August 2019 came as a surprise to most fans, signing as a free agent after he departed from West Ham United. Besides first joining as a backup goalkeeper, Adrian San Miguel swiftly proved his worth with unique roles in critical moments, including the UEFA Super Cup final. Keep reading to find out more about Adrian’s unexpected journey at the club, his notable contributions to the squad’s success, and his special role within Liverpool.

Early Life and Career

Adrian San Miguel Del Castillo, referred to as Adrian, was born in the year 1987 in Seville, Spain. Adrian’s soccer journey commenced in the youth ranks of Real Betis, one of Seville’s most popular teams. His talent swiftly caught the eyes of scouts, causing an inclusion in Real Betis senior club in 2006. Nevertheless, it was Adrian’s move to English team West Ham United in the year 2013 that set a tangible breakthrough in his passionate career. His moments at West Ham United witnessed him establish himself as a trusted goalkeeper, making at least 150 appearances for the squad in several games. His impressive performances garnered praise and rewarded him a reputation as a highly-skilled shot-stopper.

His path from Real Betis’ youth academy to being a mainstay in West Ham’s goal displayed great determination and capability to embrace new problems, laying the foundation for his subsequent move to Anfield.

Adrian San Miguel Club Career Before Liverpool

Adrian’s time at West Ham United rewarded him as a fan favorite and a main player for Liverpool. Participating in 2013, he swiftly composed and established himself as the first-choice netkeeper and made at least 150 appearances for West Ham United across all games.

Adrian San Miguel

His agility, reflexes, and the capacity to craft important saves endeared him to the West Ham United supporters. Adrian San Miguel played an important role in aiding the club get Premier League survival and also played a significant role in contributing to their memorable runs in local cup matches.

The Transfer to Liverpool Football Club

His transfer to Liverpool FC happened in August 2019 under unpredictable circumstances. After Simon Mignolet left to join Club Brugge, the Reds found themselves in great need of a trusted goalkeeper to offer cover for Allison Becker. Adrian San Miguel who became a free agent following his departure from West Ham United, popped out as a viable selection because of his Premier League experience and proven capability.

First signed as a backup goalkeeper to cover Allison, his arrival at Anfield caused some mixed reactions among supporters and pundits. Some questioned his capacity to sufficiently deputize Allison if required while others cheered the move, stating Adrian’s Premier League pedigree and tangible performances at his former club, West Ham United. Besides skepticism arising from several stakeholders, his determination to capture the opportunity and cause a positive effect at the club was the priority. So, what were his achievements at Liverpool since then?

Achievements, Moments, and Performances

Unlike Allison Becker, Adrian’s time at Anfield may not have been as prolific. However, he has managed to leave a mark with several tangible successes and unforgettable performances. One of his most significant successes came in his debut for the team when he played a key role in the club’s UEFA Super Cup victory in August 2019. Temporary replacing the injured Allison, Adrian San Miguel caused a critical save in the penalty shootout over Chelsea, aiding Liverpool to get the trophy.

The other unforgettable moment happened in September 2019 when the backup goalkeeper scored his initial goal for the club in an EUFA Champions League game over Southampton. With the club trailing late in the match, Adrian San Miguel came up for a corner kick and managed to secure a goal through a header, causing a dramatic 2-1 triumph for Liverpool. His time at Liverpool was marked by sporadic appearances because of Allison’s dominance as the first-choice netkeeper. Adrian San Miguel was always available when needed. His capacity to act under pressure and make important saves in key events endeared him to the Liverpool faithful.

Adrian San Miguel

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In terms of awards and accolades, Adrian San Miguel may not have gotten as much recognition as some of his colleagues. However, his contributions to the club’s success are hardly noticed. His expertise and devotion to the club earned him respect both on and off the pitch. Besides facing problems and insufficient playing times during his tenure at Liverpool, Adrian’s positive attitude and the heart to support his teammates exemplified his devotion to the team’s cause. Whether it was making crucial saves in critical games or scoring unpredictable goals, Adrian’s effect on Liverpool’s achievement during his moment at the club shouldn’t be underestimated.

Adrian’s Personal Life

Outside Anfield, he is known to be a family man who delights in spending time with his friends and loved ones. Concerning his marriage life, Adrian San Miguel is married to Patricia and both have two children. With his hobbies, he has shown great interest in matters of music no wonder he is an avid guitarist. Since he has been somewhat private, Adrian’s religious beliefs have not been widely publicized, it’s unclear if he has any specific religious affiliation. Having a net worth estimated to be around $5 million, he has been involved in several charitable events throughout his soccer career supporting children and participating in other community developments.

His fame among supporters stretches beyond his performances in the stadium. Adrian’s friendly demeanor and right attitude have endeared him to fans, rewarding him with honor and admiration both at the club and during his time at West Ham United. While he may not have possessed a similar world impact as some of his former players, Adrian’s contribution to the team’s achievements and his expertise have unspeakably left a right impression on supporters and the overall image of Liverpool.

Rumors and Future Prospects

Following the end of his contract with Liverpool FC in June 2021, Adrian San Miguel became a free agent. Although, there are no asserted reports about his future club, his experience and versatility could make him an admirable option for teams in great need of a goalkeeper. Nevertheless, finding a suitable opportunity that correlates with his ambitions and tastes will be important for Adrian as he explores the next phase of his career.


Adrian’s path to Liverpool may have been short but filled with great memories and valuable contributions. From his heroics in the UEFA Super Cup final to his unpredictable goal score, Adrian San Miguel left an everlasting effect on Liverpool and its supporters. While his period at Liverpool may have come to a halt, his expertise, positive attitude, and devotion to the club’s achievements will be revered fondly by fans and the world soccer community alike.

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