Anfield stadium seating plan

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  • Anfield Stadium is situated approximately 2 miles North of Liverpool.
  • Four stands make up the Anfield stadium seating plan
  • The stadium has 3 Gates to access the four stands.

Anfield positions itself as a prominent bastion in international soccer, applauded for the Kop’s unspeakable energy and the squad’s victories on super English events under the glorious floodlights. It’s a stadium etching its place in LFC’s lore. We understand it’s not every person that has been lucky to stand on the ground. It’s fair enough to give some insights into the stadium’s various sections and highlight the exact points where prime experiences lie.

Probably, you may have won a lottery or sponsorship and would like to plan a visit to see the four stands that make up Anfield Stadium. Whichever the case, this article aims to explore the whole framework and offer guidance on the Anfield stadium seating plan. It’s worth knowing that because of ticket availability, you may not have an extensive option for your seat. Probably, that may mean a potential challenge; most vintage hubs in the ground give a concrete view of the match. Before we dive into the stadium’s seating plan let’s first discover the stadium facilities and access.

Anfield Facilities and Accessibility

Anfield Stadium incorporates nine entrances and special locations for wheelchairs. The Main stand can hold up to 111 spaces for wheelchairs. It has a blend of the pitch side and hoisted viewing positions. The Sir Kenny Dalglish stand has a maximum number of 40 spaces for wheelchairs and elevated viewing position while the Kop stand has 52 spaces and a pitch side. Anfield Road End has 36 spaces and a pitch side. The quantity of wheelchair spaces can change depending on broad factors, consisting of Anfield policies, governing bodies, and reservations for visitors.

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Some supporters tend to ask about the hospitality wheelchair spaces. It’s good to note that the wheelchairs are usually located within the Main stand as well as Sir Kenny Dalglish’s stand. Inside the soccer grounds, there are no storage facilities designed or designated for assistive walking equipment. To avoid inconveniences fans are usually asked to find a specialized team that can help with the related aids, not including the ones allocated a wheelchair bay.

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Finally, Anfield has areas giving ambulant and simple seating access. In such as situation we’ve seen fans requesting seats in other sections of the stadium. This is okay, though fans are normally encouraged to keenly consider their requirements when buying tickets. We hope this information will help you in your anticipated plans for Anfield next season. Let’s move to the Anfield stadium seating plan to discover some things concerning the applied infrastructure.

How Many People Can Seat in Anfield?

Nestled in the heart of Liverpool, stands tall not only for its illustrated history but for its capacity to hold thousands of fans. The question that normally arises from most people is “How many people can sit in Anfield”? and “What’s the best section to sit in Anfield”? Anfield Stadium boasts a supporters’ capacity of 61,276 in one seating. The ground has been ranked the 5th in England since its construction in 1884. Courtesy of various expansions and refurbishments over the past years, Anfield continues to glow and grow from its humble beginnings step by step but confidently raising the seating capacity to quench the insatiable appetite of supporters. Being an EUFA 4-star soccer ground, and a home to Liverpool football club, the stadium pitch measures 101 by 68 meters. Let’s break down the seating capacity by stands in Anfield.

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The image above displays the Anfield 2023/2024 seating plan, comprising the Main Stand, the Kop Stand, the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand, and the redeveloped Anfield Road End seating blocks.

How Many Supporters Can Each Stand Hold?

As of 2022, the Kop stand held around 12,000 supporters. If you are a home supporter, you already know that the stand is a hot spot for a passionate atmosphere and some historic significance in the traditions of Liverpool. On the other hand, the Main Stand increased its capacity to around 20,500 supporters. This was right after the stadium redevelopment. Furthermore, the Sir Kenny Dalglish stand, which to many is referred to as the Centenary stand, can hold an estimated 13,000 fans. It’s known to offer corporate hospitality and a few other critical services. Lastly, the Anfield Road End held a rough figure of 9,000 supporters. The expansion plans focused on increasing the stadium capacity.

Sections of Anfield Stadium: Gates to the Seating Arena

Nothing sucks like finding yourself on the wrong gate and obviously, the wrong stand. Since you can’t cut across the stadium, you have to gather much information to avoid embarrassment. It’s good you are already on this website!

The field comes with three accessible gateways into the stadium. The first gate is situated at the top of the Paddock slightly next to the Kop’s stand. So, if you are planning to sit in the Paddock and the Kop, gate one will save you time. The second gate is situated at the end of Sir Kenny Dalglish’s stand. At this point, the stand meets Anfield Road. This entrance offers simplified access to fans sitting in the Anfield Road lower area. The last entrance is just at the bottom end of the Paddock slightly close to Shankly Gates. On every heated game, the 3 gates are managed by stewards who usually assist fans in gaining access to the field. And by the way, always ensure your ticket is valid. It can be either on a card or paper that’s usually scanned at the turnstile to access your seat.


Anfield stadium capacity and seating plan can vary due to the regular refurbishments and configurations. The stadium’s capacity reflects the union and passion of committed fans worldwide. All these aspects etch a memory in soccer’s grand tapestry.

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