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Wataru Endo & Mohamed Salah: Liverpool FC

As the sun rose over Liverpool on Wednesday, a palpable sense of excitement filled the air. The anticipation wasn’t just for the upcoming 2024-25 football season, but for the return of two pivotal figures in Liverpool FC’s squad—Wataru Endo and Mohamed Salah. The AXA Training Centre in Kirkby was abuzz as these football icons made their way back to begin pre-season preparations.

A Warm Welcome at the AXA Training Centre

The AXA Training Centre, Liverpool’s state-of-the-art facility, is no stranger to hosting footballing greats. However, the return of Endo and Salah brought an added layer of enthusiasm. Upon their arrival, they were greeted warmly by the Reds’ coaches and teammates, a testament to their importance within the squad. The camaraderie and unity within the team were evident, setting a positive tone for the season ahead.

Photographers were on hand to capture these moments, documenting the smiles, handshakes, and embraces that marked the return of these two players. The images of Endo and Salah, both looking fit and focused, quickly spread across social media, igniting the hopes and dreams of Liverpool fans worldwide.

Wataru Endo: The Steady Midfield General

Wataru Endo’s return is particularly significant for Liverpool. The Japanese international has been a revelation since his arrival, bringing stability and composure to the midfield. His tactical intelligence and ability to break up opposition play have made him a key figure in Jürgen Klopp’s plans.

Endo’s journey to Liverpool has been one of perseverance and hard work. From his early days in the J-League to his successful stint in Germany with VfB Stuttgart, Endo has consistently proven his worth. His performances in the Bundesliga caught the eye of Liverpool’s scouting team, leading to his acquisition. Last season, Endo’s contributions were instrumental in Liverpool’s push for European qualification, and his leadership qualities shone through both on and off the pitch.

Wataru Endo

As he returns to pre-season training, Endo’s focus will undoubtedly be on maintaining his fitness levels and further integrating himself into Klopp’s tactical setup. With the demands of the Premier League, Champions League, and domestic cups, his role will be crucial in ensuring Liverpool’s midfield remains robust and resilient.

Mohamed Salah: The Egyptian King

Mohamed Salah needs no introduction. The Egyptian King, as he is affectionately known by fans, has been the talisman for Liverpool since his arrival in 2017. His goal-scoring exploits have shattered records and earned him a place among the club’s all-time greats. Last season, Salah once again showcased his world-class ability, finishing as Liverpool’s top scorer and providing crucial assists.

Salah’s commitment to the club is unwavering, and his return to pre-season training underscores his dedication. Despite the constant speculation about his future, Salah has remained focused on his objectives with Liverpool. His influence extends beyond the pitch; his professionalism and work ethic set a standard for his teammates to follow.

As Salah gears up for another season, Liverpool fans will be eager to see him continue his phenomenal form. His partnership with the likes of Darwin Núñez, Diogo Jota, and Luis Díaz promises to be a formidable attacking force. Salah’s ability to deliver in high-pressure situations makes him indispensable to Liverpool’s ambitions.


Building on Last Season’s Foundations

The 2023-24 season was a rollercoaster for Liverpool. While there were moments of brilliance, inconsistency plagued the team’s performances. The return of Endo and Salah marks an opportunity to build on the foundations laid last season and address the areas that need improvement.

Jürgen Klopp and his coaching staff have been meticulous in their planning for the pre-season. The focus will be on enhancing the team’s tactical cohesion, improving fitness levels, and integrating new signings. The presence of experienced players like Endo and Salah will be crucial in guiding the younger members of the squad and fostering a culture of excellence.

The Importance of Pre-Season

Pre-season is more than just a period of physical conditioning; it is a time for tactical refinement and team bonding. For Liverpool, this pre-season is particularly significant as they aim to reclaim their status as one of Europe’s elite clubs. The intense training sessions at the AXA Training Centre will be designed to push the players to their limits, ensuring they are ready for the challenges ahead.

Endo and Salah’s return adds an extra layer of excitement and competition within the squad. Their presence will undoubtedly raise the standards during training, pushing their teammates to match their levels of intensity and commitment. This internal competition is essential for maintaining a high-performance environment.

The Road Ahead

The road ahead for Liverpool is filled with opportunities and challenges. The Premier League remains one of the most competitive leagues in the world, with rivals strengthening their squads in pursuit of glory. The Champions League presents another avenue for success, with Liverpool aiming to add another European trophy to their illustrious history.

For Wataru Endo and Mohamed Salah, the upcoming season is a chance to further cement their legacies at Liverpool. Endo’s role in midfield will be critical in providing the defensive cover and transitional play that allows the attackers to flourish. Salah’s goal-scoring prowess and creative abilities will be vital in breaking down opposition defenses.

Fan Expectations and Support

Liverpool’s fanbase is one of the most passionate and loyal in football. The return of Endo and Salah has undoubtedly raised expectations for the season. Fans will be looking forward to seeing their favorite players in action, hoping for moments of magic and memorable victories.

The support from the fans will be crucial in driving the team forward. Anfield’s electrifying atmosphere has often been described as the 12th man, and this season will be no different. The connection between the players and the fans creates a unique synergy that has been pivotal in Liverpool’s success over the years.


The return of Wataru Endo and Mohamed Salah to the AXA Training Centre marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for Liverpool FC. Their presence brings a sense of optimism and belief that this season can be one of triumph and glory. As they embark on their pre-season journey, the entire Liverpool squad will be focused on preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.

Endo’s tactical acumen and Salah’s goal-scoring brilliance will be central to Liverpool’s aspirations. With the unwavering support of the fans and the guidance of Jürgen Klopp, the stage is set for a thrilling campaign. The images of Endo and Salah at the training ground serve as a reminder of the talent and dedication that define Liverpool FC.

As the new season approaches, Liverpool fans around the world will be united in their hope and excitement. The journey has just begun, and with Endo and Salah leading the way, Liverpool is ready to rise to the occasion. The 2024-25 season promises to be a spectacle of footballing excellence, and Liverpool FC is poised to make its mark once again on the world stage.

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