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Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool FC

In the pantheon of Liverpool Football Club legends, Jürgen Klopp‘s name is now etched among the very greatest. As Klopp bids farewell to Anfield after a nine-year tenure filled with glory, respect, and a remarkable transformation of the club, tributes have poured in from legendary figures who once donned the iconic red shirt. From the unprecedented league title victory after a 30-year wait to European triumphs, Klopp’s legacy is celebrated by many, including the legendary Steven Gerrard.

Steven Gerrard

Gerrard, an emblem of Liverpool’s resilience and spirit, was effusive in his praise. “I will miss Jürgen mostly because he is up there with the best coaches in the world,” Gerrard remarked. “He improves players and builds winning teams that are brilliant to watch. He has done an incredible job here. It hurts more when someone feels part of the LFC family; he is one of us. I wish him well and want to thank him for everything he has achieved but also for being normal, humble, funny, and an all-around great person. What a man!”

Steven Gerrard with Klopp: Liverpool FC

Robbie Fowler

Robbie Fowler, another Liverpool icon, highlighted Klopp’s transformative impact on the club. “When you look at the transition from what Liverpool is now to when Jürgen took over, what he has brought to the table when you talk about managers and what they achieve, he has been nothing short of exceptional,” Fowler said. “There is a lot of love from myself, the fact that he has brought Liverpool as a football club to the very top.”

Fowler reminisced about the Europa League final loss to Sevilla, where Klopp’s motivational speech post-match was so powerful it felt like a victory. “He won stuff and he lost stuff with Liverpool, but the legacy and the enjoyment he leaves behind for everyone, it’s just a joy to have been part of a journey,” Fowler added. “Let’s hope the journey from a Liverpool point of view continues for a long, long time.”

Ray Houghton

Ray Houghton, reflecting on Klopp’s promises and achievements, said, “I remember Jürgen saying he would win the Premier League in four or five years, and a few people wondered if that was possible, but he was true to his word. He understood what the public wanted, what the Liverpool supporters were looking for. Virtually from day one, we saw his style of football. It was pressing and what very much came across to me watching him on the sidelines was he was the manager.”

Houghton emphasized Klopp’s ability to integrate youth into the team, noting the pathway he provided for young talents during his tenure. “He has given a pathway for the youngsters, and he has never been afraid to bring the youngsters in to give them a chance to see how they shine,” Houghton said.

Ronnie Whelan

Ronnie Whelan drew comparisons to Liverpool’s legendary manager Bill Shankly, stating that the reaction to Klopp’s departure felt similar. “Nobody could believe it but we all know what this man brought to this football club. Klopp for me goes down as one of the all-time great managers alongside Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan, and Kenny Dalglish. He has been absolutely magnificent for Liverpool Football Club.”

Ian Rush

Ian Rush, the club’s all-time leading goal scorer, placed Klopp among Liverpool’s managerial greats. “I just think he is right up there with the top managers this club has ever had,” Rush said. “Klopp is like a modern-day Shankly. Shanks put the foundations in and Bob Paisley took them to a different level. Bob wasn’t a great talker but Shankly was, and when you look at Jürgen, he is a modern-day Shankly.”

Klopp: Liverpool FC

John Aldridge

John Aldridge praised Klopp for the joy and pride he brought back to Liverpool fans. “Only for Manchester City doing what they’ve done, we would have won a lot more league titles under Jürgen, no doubt about that,” Aldridge stated. “Klopp took us to three Champions League finals, and that night when we won against Tottenham in Madrid was just a magical night when we won it six times.”

Phil Thompson

Phil Thompson, a stalwart defender from Liverpool’s golden era, highlighted Klopp’s alignment with the club’s values. “To quote the great man, ‘He made people happy.’ We were proud to wear the shirt every summer for what he’s done, and it’s just his values were our values, our values were his values. We’ve got to be thankful for what we have had with him.”

Natasha Dowie

Natasha Dowie, a former Liverpool Women’s player, shared a personal experience with Klopp. “I was lucky enough recently to meet him properly for the first time and get my Jürgen hug. It meant the world to me. He invited me into his office for 45 minutes to sit down and talk with him, and it was everything and more I expected him to be. First and foremost, a good human being but he gets us, he gets the Liverpool people and he is an adopted Scouser!”

Gary Gillespie

Gary Gillespie, another former defender, appreciated Klopp’s impact from the start. “From day one when he walked through the door, he said he is going to turn us from doubters to believers. He already did that in the space of a season-and-a-half, if not even before. He has been incredible, to be honest with you, and he has been a breath of fresh air.”

Sammy Lee

Sammy Lee, who played under both Shankly and Paisley, compared Klopp to the legendary Shankly. “For me, whenever people ask what two words epitomize Jürgen Klopp, it’s Bill Shankly, and for a number of reasons. He gets the aspirations of the football club and what it’s all about, he gets the city, and he gets the people. He is a man of the people, exactly like the great man Shanks was all those decades ago.”

Alan Kennedy

Alan Kennedy, known for his European Cup-winning goals, praised Klopp for modernizing Liverpool’s tactics and achieving tremendous success. “Witnessing Liverpool at Anfield under Klopp has just been absolutely fantastic. In certain respects, and obviously I played under the great Bob Paisley, it’s a bit like him in he knew how to get the best out of his players, and he knew how to do it. Jürgen is exactly the same.”

Klopp’s Legacy: A Farewell to an Era

Jürgen Klopp’s departure marks the end of an era for Liverpool Football Club. His arrival in October 2015 signaled a new dawn, a promise to turn doubters into believers, and he did just that. Klopp’s heavy metal football brought excitement back to Anfield, with his gegenpressing style and infectious enthusiasm captivating fans and players alike.

Under Klopp, Liverpool reached new heights, securing the Premier League title in 2020 after a 30-year drought and adding a sixth European Cup to the club’s illustrious history. He also led the Reds to victories in the FIFA Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup, ensuring that his tenure would be remembered for its silverware as much as its spirit.

Klopp’s influence extended beyond tactics and trophies. He forged a deep connection with the fans, earning their unwavering support through his charisma and genuine passion for the club. His ability to unite the squad and the supporters created a formidable force that led Liverpool to unforgettable nights at Anfield and triumphs on the global stage.

A Lasting Impact

Klopp’s legacy will endure at Liverpool, with his philosophies and values continuing to shape the club. His emphasis on hard work, humility, and unity will remain a benchmark for future managers. Klopp leaves Liverpool in a strong position, with a talented squad and a culture of excellence that he cultivated over his nine-year reign.

As the club looks ahead to a new chapter, the foundation laid by Klopp will be a guiding light. His tenure will be remembered not only for the trophies and records but for the joy and pride he brought back to Liverpool Football Club. Klopp’s name will forever be synonymous with a period of resurgence and glory at Anfield.


Jürgen Klopp’s departure from Liverpool marks the end of a remarkable era filled with triumphs, unforgettable moments, and a profound connection with the fans. The tributes from Liverpool legends reflect the immense respect and admiration for Klopp’s achievements and his character. As Liverpool looks to the future, Klopp’s legacy will continue to inspire and guide the club, ensuring that his impact will be felt for years to come. Thank you, Jürgen Klopp, for making Liverpool dream again.

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