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Gemma Bonner: Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC Women’s record appearance holder Gemma Bonner has received a special honor at the club’s Kirkby Academy: a dressing room has been named in her honor. This marks a significant milestone as the first dressing room at the academy to honor someone from the women’s game, underlining Bonner’s significant contributions to Liverpool FC and her status as a role model for young players.

A Career Built on Dedication and Success

Gemma Bonner’s career is a testament to her dedication and talent on the field. She has served as captain of two title-winning teams and has established herself as a leading figure in Liverpool FC Women. Her contributions extend beyond the field as well, as she has become a source of inspiration for both male and female players.

Bonner’s time at Liverpool FC Women has been marked by resilience and leadership. Her on-field performances have been consistently strong, and she has played a key role in many significant matches. Her ability to guide her team to victory and remain composed under pressure has earned her respect from teammates, coaches, and fans alike.

The Kirkby Academy Tribute

The Kirkby Academy, known for recognizing Reds legends and those with a special relationship with the club, now includes Gemma Bonner in its hall of fame. The dressing room’s dedication to her is a mark of respect for her record appearance holder status and her substantial impact on Liverpool FC Women.

The idea to honor Bonner with the dressing room came from Academy director Alex Inglethorpe, who has shown great appreciation for her achievements. The installation was led by the Academy’s head of facilities, Andy Rice, and was unveiled during a visit by Bonner, much to her surprise.

The dressing rooms at the Kirkby Academy recognize some of the club’s most iconic players, such as Steven Gerrard and Robbie Fowler. Naming a dressing room after Gemma Bonner places her among this esteemed group and highlights her importance in the history of Liverpool FC.

Gemma Bonner’s Reaction to the Honor

Gemma Bonner expressed her gratitude for the recognition, acknowledging how special it was to her as a lifelong Liverpool fan. She explained, “It’s such a huge honor; I’m not quite sure I can put it into words.” Bonner’s pride in her achievements and the recognition by the club was evident.

Gemma Bonner highlighted the significance of the honor for future generations, saying, “We’ve achieved a lot here at the club, and for young people to see this as they walk down the corridor is another step. Hopefully, it can inspire not only the next set of young girls coming through but also young boys.”

Her words demonstrate her commitment to using her position to inspire the next generation of players and her determination to keep pushing herself to achieve more. Bonner’s achievements in her career have paved the way for others to follow in her footsteps, serving as an example of the heights that can be reached with dedication and hard work.

Gemma Bonner Academy

Gemma Bonner Academy: Liverpool FC

Alex Inglethorpe’s Vision

Alex Inglethorpe, the Academy director, explained the reasoning behind the decision to honor Bonner, emphasizing her impact on the club. He stated, “Liverpool Football Club is lucky to have had many icons of the game, and we felt at the Academy the time was right for us to recognize someone special from the women’s game.”

Inglethorpe added that Bonner’s record as the appearance holder and captain of two title-winning teams made her an obvious choice for the honor. He believes Bonner can act as an ongoing inspiration for Academy boys and girls alike.

Celebrating Diversity and Progress

The decision to name a dressing room in Gemma Bonner’s honor is part of Liverpool FC’s ongoing commitment to inclusivity and the celebration of diversity within the club. By acknowledging the achievements of women players like Bonner, the club is paving the way for more gender equality and representation in the sport.

Liverpool FC’s recognition of Bonner aligns with broader efforts to elevate the women’s game and provide female athletes with the same level of respect and honor as their male counterparts. This move not only celebrates Bonner’s success but also serves as a symbol of progress in the sport.

Bonner’s Ongoing Journey

Gemma Bonner’s journey from a young girl who dreamed of playing for Liverpool FC to becoming a club legend and record appearance holder is an inspiring story for all aspiring athletes. Her achievements demonstrate the value of hard work, perseverance, and passion for the game.

Bonner’s story is far from over. As she continues to play, her ongoing commitment to the sport and her team will continue to shape the future of Liverpool FC Women. Her experience, leadership, and dedication are invaluable assets that will continue to guide and inspire her teammates.

A Legacy of Inspiration

As her name adorns the dressing room at the Kirkby Academy, it serves as a reminder of her legacy and the impact she has had on Liverpool FC. Her story will continue to inspire young players to strive for greatness and follow their dreams, knowing that their efforts can lead to recognition and success.

The dressing room dedication is a fitting tribute to Gemma Bonner’s remarkable career and a symbol of Liverpool FC’s recognition of her contributions. It represents the club’s ongoing commitment to supporting and celebrating the achievements of all its players, regardless of gender, and sets the stage for continued progress and inclusivity in the sport.


Gemma Bonner’s achievements and the recognition she has received at Kirkby Academy reflect her significant impact on the world of football. Her dedication and commitment to Liverpool FC Women have inspired countless young athletes, both male and female. The dressing room named in her honor serves as a lasting tribute to her legacy and a beacon of inspiration for future generations of players.

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