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The new defender was born in this era. In the heart of Liverpool’s defense, a young talent has emerged, drawing comparisons to one of the club’s iconic figures. Jarell Quansah, the promising center-back, has caught the attention of fans and pundits alike during his breakthrough season with the Reds. However, it’s not just his impressive performances that have garnered praise; it’s the mentorship and guidance he’s received from none other than Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool’s stalwart defender and captain.

Quansah’s journey to the first team has been one of dedication and perseverance. From his senior debut as a substitute against Newcastle United to his 25 appearances in the 2023-24 season, he has shown maturity beyond his years. The England U21 international’s composed displays on the field have led many to draw parallels between his style of play and that of the esteemed Reds captain.


Jarell Quansah: Liverpool FC

Acknowledging the comparisons, Quansah humbly accepts them as “a massive compliment.” He recognizes the unparalleled contribution Van Dijk has made to Liverpool over the years, describing him as a cornerstone of the club’s identity. For Quansah, the opportunity to play alongside Van Dijk is not just an honor but a priceless learning experience.

In his journey alongside Virgil van Dijk, Jarell Quansah proves himself to be a formidable defender, embodying the resilience and skill that define Liverpool’s defensive prowess.

“What he has been doing over the past five or 10 years has been unrivaled, especially in the Premier League,” Quansah remarks. “To play next to him is so good, and I can learn so much from him.”

It’s not just Van Dijk’s on-field prowess that Quansah admires; it’s his leadership qualities and willingness to impart knowledge. On the training ground and during matches, Van Dijk serves as a mentor to the young defender, offering constructive feedback and guidance.

Virgil Van Dijk: BBC

“There’s times where he’s constructive and just says it how it is and tells me what I need to improve on,” Quansah explains. “You can’t go much wrong if you just listen to what he’s saying! He’s always in your ear, always talking, which is so helpful.”

Quansah’s humility and eagerness to learn shine through as he reflects on his remarkable season. Despite helping Liverpool secure the Carabao Cup and earning praise for his performances, he remains grounded, focused on continuous improvement.

“It’s been a lot of games, a surprise from what I expected really – it’s exceeded all expectations, to say the least,” Quansah reflects. “Although the level has increased, it’s just what I’ve been doing and what I enjoy.”

For Quansah, the journey is far from over. While he dreams of cementing his place as a starting defender for Liverpool and representing England on the international stage, he remains acutely aware of the work that lies ahead.

“I’m not the finished product,” Quansah admits. “I’m just learning the whole time.”

As the season progresses and Quansah continues to learn from the best, his growth as a player and a person will undoubtedly be closely watched. With Van Dijk by his side, guiding him every step of the way, the sky’s the limit for this promising young defender. Liverpool fans can rest assured knowing that the future of their defense is in capable hands of the great defenders of Quansah poised to carry on the legacy of his mentor and friend, Virgil van Dijk.

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