Kenny Dalglish Stand

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Kenny Dalglish Stand is part of the Anfield, a stadium designed for Liverpool matches in England. The soccer stadium boasts a fan seating capacity of over 61,000 and ranks 5th largest stadium in England.

The Four Stands at Anfield

Since Anfield’s establishment in 1892, the stadium has served as a home ground for the team just after Everton parted ways with Liverpool FC due to an unsolved conflict. Anfield contains four significant stands namely; the Main Stand, the Kop, the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand, and the Anfield Road End. Sometime back, Anfield recorded its highest attendance of 61,905 – something that was successfully achieved between Liverpool Football Club and Wolverhampton Wanderers in the year 1952. Almost three decades ago, Anfield changed into an all-seater stadium in compliance with the Taylor’s Report, leading to a reduction of its supporters’ capacity.

It’s an interesting thing to note that two gates at Anfield stadium bear the names of the former club managers; Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley. There are rooted statutes respecting both managers’ achievements, placed just outside the stadium. The unveiling of Bill’s statute happened in 1997 while that of Bob in 2020. It’s also good to note that Bill Shankly’s stand is slightly near the Kop Stand whereas that of Paisley is by the Main Stand.

Kenny Dalglish’s Strong Message

Just before we dive into Kenny Dalglish Stand, you may be having some issues with the GPS location of the stadium. About 2 miles from Liverpool Lime Street railway station, you will find this amazing pitch with four significant stands each having a unique meaning. Liverpool Football Club chose to rename the Centenary Stand in honor of Kenny Dalglish’s remarkable contribution to the team, both as an active player and a coach. Surrounded by close friends and loved ones during the renaming ceremony, Dalglish showed his appreciation by stating how he was hugely honored to be recognized by Liverpool in such a manner.

Kenny Dalglish

“I am hugely honored to be recognized by Liverpool in this way. This is a club that means a lot, not just to me, but to countless people who have contributed to it either through their capacity as footballers, their passion as fans, or their commitment as owners and administrators”.

– Sir Kenny Dalglish

Sir Kenny Dalglish hoped that the individuals who sit in the stand bearing his name derive much happiness from watching the game just like he had time playing for Liverpool. This decision to appreciate Kenny in such a manner was initiated by the club’s American owners, that is (FSG) Fenway Sports Group.

Sir Kenny Player Honors

The renaming of the Kenny Dalglish Stand didn’t just happen but it was due to him being a player plus giving high-end results from the games played while being Liverpool’s coach. Kenny played 502 matches for Liverpool from the year 1977 to 1990, securing 169 goals in all games. He had six League Titles between 1978 and 1986. From 1985 to 1986 he was able to secure one FA Cup. Additionally, there were 4 League Cups between 1980 and 1984, five Charity Shields between 1977 and 1986; three European Cups between 1977 and 1984, and finally one UEFA Super Cup in 1977.

Managerial Honors

When it comes to managerial honors, Kenny led Liverpool two times, that is, from 1985 to 1991 and later on for a short period from 2011 to 2012. Under his leadership, Liverpool was able to get 3 League Titles between 1985 and 1990; two FA Cups between 1985 and 1989; One League Cup between 2011 to 2012; one Super Cup between 1986 and 1987 and finally; four Charity Shields between 1986 and 1990.

Above Kenny’s on-pitch contributions, Kenny Dalglish played a crucial role off the field. As a result of the Hillsborough calamity in 1989, when more than 90 Liverpool supporters lost their lives during an away game, Kenny offered reinforcement and proceeded with the fight for justice. This showed his lovely commitment to the squad, its fans, the city, and the people of Merseyside.

Exploring the Kenny Dalglish Stand

With a seating capacity of at least 11,000 supporters, the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand has a Red suite that provides a maximum venue for large events and meetings, exhibitions, and company/organization gatherings. Having disabled access and the ease of accommodation for a maximum of 300 people, depending on the preferred room framework, the space offers an ideal setting for broader occasions.

Kenny Dalglish Stand

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When you visit this stand, you will also find the Red suite can be rented together with the Sevens and Eights Lounges, serving as smaller base event hubs. The Sevens and Eights Lounges are spaces with an optimal layout and can also be used for rental as supplementary breakout meeting rooms, especially when booked in conjunction with the Reds Lounge.

Shanks Lounge: Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand

Bill Shankly shines out as one of the most revered individuals in the historic illustration of Liverpool FC. In this manner, the Shanks Lounge offers a tribute to the great works of this legendary figure during his time with the Reds. Shanks Lounge is located in the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand and turns out to be the most expansive room within the walls of Anfield. Well, the room accommodates a maximum of 500 guests for a drinks reception or casual meetings.

Paisley Lounge: Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand

The Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand also hosts the Paisley Lounge which serves as a dedicated room to remember and display the tangible successes of Bob Paisley during his reign at Liverpool Football Club. Bob Paisley remains the most popular and successful coach in Liverpool FC’s history, getting a significant and impressive 20 trophies in the cabinet throughout 9 seasons.

European Lounge: Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand

As we know, Liverpool FC stands as the most successful British squad in the English competitions. Devoted to appreciate the good works of the team, it was worth establishing the European Lounge within Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand. It serves as a space to display Liverpool Football Club’s successes in the English games over the years. Tailored to cater to smaller conferences, exhibitions, and meetings, the Lounge offers an ideal room for great occasions.

Champions Lounge: Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand

The Champions Lounge is another facility to explore within the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand. You will find that this room is versatile and well-suited for a broad range of occasions. Conferences, exhibitions, and training sessions have been held in this Lounge. Many people have adored the space because of the buffet-style setup and fine dining. Finally, the Executive boxes with a view of the popular stadium pitch can be seen. Each box is private, self-contained, and fully equipped with an amazing A/C setup.


Being one of the adorable stands of Anfield, Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand is a testament to the rich story and contributions of a soccer legend, Prominent for his tangible career, both as a player and a coach, Sir Kenny Dalglish’s charisma is embedded in the stand. The Stand not only displays his achievements but also serves as a gateway that holds the spirit and achievements of Liverpool FC. With its strategic location, disabled access, and impressive seating capacity, the stand is both a tribute to a soccer figure and a significant part of the vibrant history and future of the club.

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