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OLSC Germany: Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC has a vast and passionate global fanbase that extends far beyond the boundaries of Merseyside. With more than 300 Official Liverpool FC Supporters Clubs (OLSCs) spread across over 100 countries worldwide, the club has created a close-knit community of dedicated supporters who cheer on both Jürgen Klopp’s first team and Matt Beard’s women’s squad, whether they are at Anfield or watching from afar.

One of these devoted communities is OLSC Germany, which plays a vital role in maintaining Liverpool’s international presence. Established on May 16, 2001, the club has grown into a thriving community of 430 members. The date of the club’s founding is significant, as it coincides with Liverpool’s legendary victory in the UEFA Cup final against CD Alaves. This memorable moment laid the foundation for the German Reds’ journey, strengthening their passion and love for the club.

The German Reds Community

Members of OLSC Germany are spread throughout the entire country, from the bustling cities of Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich to smaller towns and rural areas. This widespread distribution necessitates an annual meeting and party, which serves as a central gathering for the club’s supporters. These events foster unity and camaraderie among the members, enabling them to bond over their shared love for Liverpool FC.

The annual meeting is undoubtedly the highlight of the OLSC Germany calendar. These gatherings are filled with live music, great food, and plenty of opportunities to reminisce about memorable matches and share stories about the team’s achievements. Special guests often include former Liverpool players such as Didi Hamann or Jan Molby, who bring their own unique perspectives and anecdotes from their time at the club. These interactions add an extra layer of excitement to the event and create lasting memories for attendees.

In addition to the annual meeting, many OLSC Germany members gather regularly to watch Liverpool matches together in different regions, including Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. These gatherings strengthen the bond among members and provide a chance to cheer on the Reds as a united front. For supporters unable to make it to Anfield, watching games in a group setting allows them to experience the energy and enthusiasm of a matchday.

Liverpool FC

Supporting the Community

OLSC Germany goes beyond simply celebrating Liverpool FC’s victories. The club is dedicated to making a positive impact in their community and supporting those in need. One way they achieve this is by organizing raffles twice a year, with one taking place during the annual meeting and the other around Christmas. The proceeds from these raffles are donated to LFC Foundation, the JC23 Foundation, and local food banks.

This commitment to giving back reflects the core values of Liverpool FC and its supporters. By contributing to these causes, OLSC Germany demonstrates a deep understanding of the importance of community support and social responsibility. Members take pride in knowing their efforts help improve the lives of others and strengthen the connection between the club and its fanbase.

Creating Lasting Memories

For many members of OLSC Germany, some of their most cherished memories revolve around trips to Anfield. Securing tickets to a home game is always an exciting opportunity for fans, and they relish the chance to experience the electric atmosphere at the stadium. These trips often become group outings, where members travel together, enjoy the pre-match buzz in Liverpool, and soak up the unique ambiance of Anfield on matchday.

Being able to visit Anfield and watch a game in person is a dream come true for many supporters. The experience not only strengthens their connection to the club but also allows them to appreciate the history and legacy of Liverpool FC in a more profound way. These trips create lifelong memories and strengthen the bond between the club and its international fanbase.

How to Join OLSC Germany

Becoming a member of OLSC Germany is a straightforward process. Interested fans can visit the club’s website at www.german-reds.de, where they can find detailed information about the club and fill out a contact form to express their interest in joining. The website also offers insights into the club’s activities, events, and ways to get involved.

Joining OLSC Germany offers fans the chance to connect with other like-minded supporters and become part of a vibrant community. The club provides numerous opportunities for members to engage with one another, whether through in-person events, matchday gatherings, or online forums. By joining the club, fans can strengthen their connection to Liverpool FC and experience the passion and camaraderie that define the club’s global fanbase.


OLSC Germany embodies the spirit and passion of Liverpool FC’s global fanbase. Through its dedication to the club, its support for community initiatives, and its commitment to fostering connections among fans, the German Reds are an integral part of the Liverpool family. Their annual meetings, charity events, and group outings to Anfield create lasting memories and help maintain the strong bond between the club and its supporters around the world.

As Liverpool FC continues to inspire its fans on and off the pitch, OLSC Germany remains a shining example of the club’s worldwide impact and the enduring loyalty of its supporters. By staying connected and actively participating in the club’s activities, members of OLSC Germany not only strengthen their love for Liverpool FC but also contribute to the club’s ongoing success and influence on a global scale.

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