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Liverpool FC Women have been making waves in the Women’s Super League (WSL) this season, showcasing their resilience and tenacity on the pitch. The team is gearing up for a crucial match against Manchester United on Sunday, and there is good news for manager Matt Beard as he anticipates the return of key players Lucy Parry and Niamh Fahey. Their return could provide a significant boost to the squad as they prepare for the upcoming challenge.

Lucy Parry’s Return

Lucy Parry, the dynamic No. 32 for Liverpool FC Women, had been absent from the team’s midweek 4-3 victory over Chelsea at Prenton Park due to a concussion sustained the previous weekend. Parry’s presence on the pitch was missed, as she is known for her strong defensive abilities and ability to contribute to the team’s offensive play.

However, Beard expressed optimism about Parry’s return to the squad for the match against Manchester United. She has been training with the team and, barring any setbacks, is expected to be available for selection. This is excellent news for Liverpool FC Women, as Parry’s return will strengthen their defensive line and provide stability to the team’s overall performance.

Liverpool FC Women

Managing Concussions and Player Health

Concussions are a serious concern in sports, and Liverpool FC Women have taken Parry’s injury seriously. The medical team has been closely monitoring her progress and ensuring that she follows the proper protocols for recovery. The fact that Parry has been able to train with the team without any adverse reactions is a promising sign of her recovery.

Beard’s cautious approach to Parry’s return is commendable, as the well-being of players must always be a top priority. By taking the necessary precautions and providing proper medical care, the team is ensuring that Parry can return to the pitch safely and at full strength.

In addition to the physical impact of concussion, there can be psychological effects as well. The medical staff at Liverpool FC Women will be mindful of this as they work with Parry to ensure she is mentally and emotionally ready to return to play.

Niamh Fahey’s Progress

Another player whose return is eagerly anticipated is captain Niamh Fahey. The experienced defender has been sidelined due to a calf and Achilles issue, but recent scans have come back clear, providing reassurance to both the player and the team.

Fahey’s leadership and experience on the pitch have been sorely missed, and her return to training with the squad next week will be a significant boost. As a seasoned player with a wealth of knowledge, Fahey’s presence in the squad will provide valuable guidance and support to her teammates.

Beard emphasized the importance of reintegrating Fahey back into the training process gradually. This careful approach ensures that Fahey’s return is managed in a way that prioritizes her health and well-being while allowing her to regain match fitness.

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Fahey’s Role Beyond the Pitch

Beyond her on-field contributions, Fahey is also an essential figure in the locker room. Her leadership qualities help foster team cohesion and morale, especially among younger players. As captain, she sets the tone for the team’s culture and values, which can have a lasting impact on the team’s success throughout the season.

Fahey’s return is not just about bolstering the defense; it’s also about elevating the entire team through her mentorship and leadership. Her presence can help guide younger players and instill confidence in them.

Impact on the Upcoming Match

The potential returns of Lucy Parry and Niamh Fahey come at a crucial time for Liverpool FC Women. The team’s upcoming match against Manchester United is a significant fixture in the WSL, and having these key players back in the squad will undoubtedly enhance Liverpool’s chances of success.

Parry’s defensive prowess and ability to contribute offensively make her a valuable asset to the team. Her return will solidify Liverpool’s defensive line and provide support in building attacks from the back. Additionally, her presence will allow Beard more flexibility in his tactical approach to the game.

Similarly, Fahey’s leadership and experience will be invaluable on the pitch. Her ability to organize the defense and guide her teammates will be essential against a strong opponent like Manchester United. Fahey’s return will not only boost the team’s performance but also provide confidence and morale to the entire squad.


As Liverpool FC Women prepare for their upcoming match against Manchester United, the potential returns of Lucy Parry and Niamh Fahey bring a sense of optimism and anticipation. Both players are key figures in the team, and their presence on the pitch will significantly impact Liverpool’s performance.

Manager Matt Beard’s careful approach to managing player injuries and ensuring their safe return demonstrates the team’s commitment to player health and well-being. With Parry and Fahey back in the squad, Liverpool FC Women are poised to put on a strong performance against Manchester United and continue their successful run in the WSL.

As the match approaches, fans of Liverpool FC Women can look forward to seeing their team at full strength and ready to take on the challenges ahead. The return of Parry and Fahey is a positive development that bodes well for the team’s prospects in the upcoming fixture and beyond.

Liverpool FC Women’s ability to adapt to challenges and rally behind the return of their key players will undoubtedly influence their performance in the game against Manchester United. This match could serve as a turning point in their season, setting the stage for further success as they strive to achieve their goals in the Women’s Super League.

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