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Curtis Jones is gearing up for an electrifying Merseyside derby at Goodison Park as Liverpool prepares to clash with Everton in the 244th edition of this historic rivalry. The young Scouser, known for his passion and talent, is eagerly anticipating the experience of facing the Blues in the upcoming match.

The Significance of the Merseyside Derby

As a Liverpool player and a proud Scouser, Curtis Jones understands the weight of this fixture. Having played in previous derbies and even scored, he recognizes the deep-rooted significance of this match for both sets of supporters. The Merseyside derby is not just a football game; it’s a clash of cultures, histories, and unwavering passion. For Scousers, this is more than a rivalry; it’s a testament to their identity and love for their respective clubs.

Image source: Liverpool fc

Liverpool’s Momentum

Liverpool enters the derby on the back of an impressive 3-1 victory over Fulham, a win that has kept them in contention for the Premier League title. Despite a challenging run of games, Jones notes that the team’s morale remains high. The victory against Fulham wasn’t just a win; it was a strong performance that showcased Liverpool’s determination and resilience. Jürgen Klopp’s men are eager to carry this momentum forward as they face their local rivals.

Jones’ Return from Injury

After being sidelined for seven weeks due to injury, Jones is back and feeling good. His return to the squad brings a boost of energy and versatility. While acknowledging the challenges of returning to full fitness, Jones expresses his happiness at being back with the team. His dedication to recovery and determination to contribute on the pitch demonstrate his commitment to the club’s success. With plenty of games still ahead, Jones is determined to give his all for Liverpool whenever he’s called upon.

Supporting the Team

Even when not in the starting lineup, Jones emphasizes the importance of staying positive and supportive. He praises Liverpool’s team culture, where players, whether starting or on the bench, contribute to the team’s success. This unity and support, according to Jones, have been instrumental in Liverpool’s season. The camaraderie within the squad is palpable, with each player pushing each other to excel. Jones himself has been a beneficiary of this positive environment, and he looks forward to continuing to contribute in any way he can.

Image source: Liverpool fc

Playing for Liverpool as a Scouser

For Jones, playing for Liverpool goes beyond just a football match; it’s a lifelong dream fulfilled. Having been with the club since childhood, he understands the responsibility of representing the team and making fans proud. Growing up in Liverpool, he felt the pulse of the city and the passion for football that runs deep in its veins. Every game is an opportunity to put smiles on faces and bring joy to supporters, a responsibility he embraces wholeheartedly.

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Reflecting on His Goal Against Everton

Jones fondly remembers his first goal against Everton at Anfield in 2020. As a young footballer, scoring against their local rivals was a dream come true. He humorously mentions how he always imagined scoring against Everton, and it became a reality. While that goal holds a special place, Jones is focused on the next challenge and contributing to the team’s success. The Merseyside derby holds a special significance for him, and he hopes to create more memorable moments for the club and its fans.


As Liverpool prepares for the Merseyside derby, Curtis Jones embodies the spirit of a passionate Scouser proud to wear the Liverpool shirt. His eagerness to play at Goodison Park, coupled with Liverpool’s momentum and team unity, sets the stage for an exciting clash with Everton.

For Jones, every match is an opportunity to make an impact, and he looks forward to creating more memorable moments for the club and its fans. The Merseyside derby isn’t just about football; it’s about history, passion, and the unwavering support of Scousers for their beloved clubs.

As the teams prepare to face off, the city of Liverpool is alive with anticipation, ready to witness another chapter in this storied rivalry. Curtis Jones stands ready to write his own piece of history in the annals of the Merseyside derby, eager to make his mark and bring joy to the fans who support him wholeheartedly.

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