ESA Award 2024

ESA Award 2024: Liverpool FC

The Victory of ESA Award 2024

In an extraordinary feat of environmental stewardship, Liverpool FC and its official sustainability partner, SC Johnson, have clinched the highly coveted ESA Award for Environmentally Sustainable Sponsorship at the distinguished ESA Awards 2024. These awards, now in their 16th year, serve as a testament to excellence in sponsorship campaigns across Europe, highlighting those that go above and beyond in promoting sustainability.

The triumphant campaign, aptly titled ‘At Work for a Better World,’ not only secured the ESA Award for the best sponsorship inspiring audiences but also earned recognition for championing the cause of environmental sustainability. This success seamlessly aligns with Liverpool FC’s strategic vision, ‘The Red Way,’ a comprehensive approach dedicated to building a better future for people, the planet, and communities while spreading a powerful sustainability message globally.

Waste Collection Innovation

At the heart of this award-winning campaign is a groundbreaking waste-collection project, a collaborative effort between the football club and SC Johnson. The initiative aims to educate fans on the perils of plastic waste while introducing a PET upcycling system, ingeniously transforming bottles into Mr Muscle products. The impact has been significant, with Anfield‘s recycling levels for plastic bottles soaring from 25% in the 2021-22 season to an impressive 90% in the last season.

ESA Award

Waste Collection Project: Google

The panel of esteemed judges lauded the campaign for its innovation and industry leadership, recognizing the substantial impact of fan education through initiatives like ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.’ These efforts have not only resonated with Liverpool FC’s global audience but also involved internal staff training for effective waste management.

The Red Way

Acknowledging its responsibility as a global football club, Liverpool FC launched ‘The Red Way’ sustainability program in January 2021. The program’s seamless integration across the club ensures that every major decision aligns with the three key areas identified in the inaugural ‘The Red Way Report,’ reinforcing the club’s commitment to sustainability.

The Red Way: Facebook

SC Johnson Partnership

The collaborative efforts with SC Johnson extend beyond the football pitch to address the global issue of plastic pollution, with a particular focus on educating the public and inspiring positive behavioral change. The project specifically targets PET plastic, known for its difficulty and expense in management. Anfield, on each matchday, generates between 14,000 to 15,000 PET plastic bottles, a staggering amount that, prior to the partnership with SC Johnson, were destined for landfill. Through a successful behavioral change project with the global fanbase, these bottles are now collected for upcycling into SC Johnson’s Mr Muscle products.

The tangible results of this initiative speak volumes, with the sold:collection rate escalating from 25% in the 2021/22 season to an outstanding 90% by the end of the 2022/23 season. The project is fortified by ‘The Red Way,’ a comprehensive commitment to sustainability. The club, in collaboration with SC Johnson, has pledged to reduce waste across the club by 10% each season, actively supporting the transition to a “circular economy.”

SC Johnosn with Liverpool Family: Liverpool FC

ESA Award Recognition

The ESA Award for Environmentally Sustainable Sponsorship not only signifies the success of Liverpool FC and SC Johnson in sustainability but also underscores their pioneering efforts in inspiring positive change within the sports industry. As these two entities continue to set new benchmarks for environmental responsibility, they stand as a beacon, encouraging other sports organizations to follow suit in building a greener and more sustainable future. This honor of ESA Award really highlights the remarkable dedication and innovation exhibited by Liverpool FC and SC Johnson in their pursuit of environmental sustainability and excellence in sponsorship initiatives.

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