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After visiting the Spion Kop and Anfield Road End stands, today we delve into some interesting pieces about the Anfield Main stand which was unveiled on September 9th, 2016. The Main stand is one of Europe’s hugest all-seater stands providing a world-class experience for fans. With around 8,500 extra seats, Anfield’s capacity now boasts about thousands of supporters in the four stands. The main stand boasts premium public areas, cutting-edge facilities, and historic visibility across the city space. Most of the key stakeholders anticipate more supporters at the refurbished home in the coming seasons. This will indeed enrich the stadium’s experience for all.

How Much Did Anfield Main Stand Cost?

During the expansion of the Anfield Main Stand, Liverpool Football Club looked forward to an additional 20 Million pounds in annual revenue. The project which consumed a whole 114M pounds was financed through an interest-free loan from Fenway Sports Group (FSG). FSG are the current owners of Liverpool FC. As Carillion assumed management of the construction site, work on the stand was slated to commence and finish before 2016. It’s a stand that boasts about 20,000+ capacity and indeed elevated Anfield’s total capacity to an estimation of 54,000 during that period.

The club’s investment of 75M pounds in the Main stand was part of the huger 114M pounds project. This encompassed the land acquisition price which was 39M pounds. The club owners, Fenway, provided an interest-free loan from their cash boxes, with repayment expected over a concise time frame of five to five and a half years. The brand new Main stand by then, heavily featured corporate hospitality, with the number of hospitality seats doubling from 3,500 to 7,000.

Corporate boxes mirrored the upscale amenities of the Centenary stand, while the top tier exclusively hosted hospitality lounges. Despite worries about the rising ticket prices among Liverpool fans, Chief Executive Ian Ayre defended the aim of corporate facilities in the refurbished Anfield. The development proceeded amid the ongoing protests, with more demos planned for the upcoming Champions League game over Basel.

Liverpool Trailed Behind Rivals in Revenue

Going back to the 2012-2013 era, Liverpool garnered 45M pounds in game-day revenue, trailing behind Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea. With the completion of the Main stand at Liverpool’s Anfield, the club anticipated an extra 20 million pounds on an annual basis. This was to potentially increase with the redevelopment of the Anfield Road stand. A planning permit was secured for the Stadium’s second phase and Fenway Sports Group was to go on with the Anfield Road stand project once the project was proved to be financially viable.

Anfield Main Stand

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According to Chief Executive Ian Ayre, corporate hospitality plays an important role in funding stadium expansions. He stressed the significance thereof, citing that it could cover a substantial portion of the facility’s costs. The Chief underscored the economic need for corporate involvement, stating it as a practical answer for funding main stadium developments.

Now, let’s take a look at what forms the Anfield Main stand just after the necessary redevelopments by the club owners.

Chemistry of LFC Facility

The Chemistry of LFC stands within the Anfield Main stand and showcases an elegant and well-designed suite offering a stylish setting with panoramic perspectives of the stadium and Liverpool. There is a huge inspiration behind the suite and that is the trophy-winning teams and player partnerships which gives the suitable venue for private dinners, conferences, and exhibitions. With contemporary decorations and a professional squad boasting expertise from housing international-class events, the facility ensures an unforgettable experience for all occasions. The capacity of this facility is 40 to 469.

The Beautiful Game Facility

If you are new to Liverpool and Anfield stadium, you may come across the “Beautiful game” term – a facility designed for aficionados of the beautiful match. This interactive suite offers unparalleled views of Anfield Stadium and Liverpool and draws inspiration from Anfield’s historic Boot Room. Its decors delight in Anfield’s legacy while remaining adaptable to several event specifications, from private dinners to conferences or weddings. Visitors can anticipate a refined yet relaxed experience in this unique design evolving around the special ambiance. It has a Buffet area, drinks reception, Classrooms, Theatre, and the Boardroom.

Carlsberg Dugout Facility

This may be a new term to most newbies but we who know about it can assert that this section commemorates Liverpool FC’s on-pitch creativity, transiting supporters from the stands to the sidelines for historic club moments. This ideal suite within the Anfield Main Stand hosts dinners, conferences, exhibitions, and private parties sections. The large space caters to the broad needs of fans, and any other stakeholder living in or outside Anfield. The stand is conveniently situated adjacent to Liverpool City something that offers simple access and flexibility for various events.

Executive Lounge Facility

Liverpool’s Executive Lounge within the Main stand is known to prioritize fan’s comfort, featuring an open, spacious design ideal for meetings, conferences, or even networking events. This special unit has been designed with natural materials that reinforce a calm ambiance adaptable to events like dinner or wedding themes. Concepts tying the squad and Liverpool consist of the soccer family, historic architectural landmarks, and visionary figures like Jurgen Klopp shaping the club’s global image.

Legends Lounge Facility

This is another section worth knowing from the Anfield Main stand. This unit is popular in epitomizing comfort and luxury, offering a distinguished event space for unique events, business meetings, or even private dinners. It has beautiful portraits of Liverpool legends that pay homage to the squad’s heritage while providing a versatile decoration to suit any event.

1892 Club Facility

This unique suite takes us back to when Liverpool club was formed under the leadership of John Houlding and after a breakup with Everton FC. With an evocative interior design, the 1892 Club provides an interesting furnished event space, suitable for private dinners and networking events. There are furnished and upholstery palettes that create a serene ambiance, improving the team’s warm atmosphere. This versatile event space tangible embodies the colors and designs of people’s private dinners, parties, or even weddings.

Beat Lounge Facility

The other facility in the Anfield Main stand is the Best Lounge which provides an ideal spot for several events, housing a maximum of 300 people based on someone’s specifications. Just like other units the Beat Lounge comes with a tasteful decoration, flexible to any event’s theme. Furthermore, it celebrates the club’s artistic and musical heritage and the connection between soccer and music. From here, the occupants can see Liverpool City – something that sparkles conversations among delegates and visitors.

Code Lounge Facility

Here goes another unit within the Anfield Main stand. The Code Lounge displays style and sociability, providing a great experience for individuals looking forward to having small informal meetings or huge conferences and company dinners. When you visit as a Liverpool fan, you will note the expansive glass frontage that fosters a bright, airy ambiance for delegates or visitors. There is a holistic provision of interesting views of Liverpool City and beyond.

Executive Suites Facility

Probably this is what you’ve been waiting for. The executive boxes at Liverpool FC take pride in luxurious and spacious interiors, embodied in top-notch amenities and an extraordinary Events service offered by experts. These suites provide huge event spaces in comparison to the other corporate suites in English football. There is a glazed facade that offers a breathtaking view of the Anfield pitch. This adds to the uniqueness of every Executive Suite as an ideal venue for business meetings or small formal dinners.

The Punchline

Just like the Anfield Road stand, the Anfield Main stand stands as a testament to Liverpool FC’s devotion to excellence and continuity. With its grandeur and modern amenities, it has changed Anfield into a world-class stadium, embracing supporters from all corners of the planet. Besides its architectural marvel, the Main Stand integrates the team’s rich story and lasting legacy, serving as a sign of pride to the fans. As the club goes ahead to make strides on and off the pitch, the Main stand remains the backbone of its brand image, a beacon of culture, and a testament to the club’s unspeakable pursuit for greatness.

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