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Liverpool FC‘s Nick Ryan has been honored as the Premier League Community Captain for his unwavering commitment to the club’s official charity, LFC Foundation, and his significant contributions to education in the Liverpool City Region.

Being a top tier club, Liverpool is among those massive clubs that compete in the Premier League. Additionally, it is one of the world’s most valuable and supported soccer clubs, despite its rivalry with clubs like Manchester United and Everton. The Premier League‘s ‘More Than A Game’ campaign is shining a spotlight on Community Captains, with displays at all Premier League matches from February 17 to 26, highlighting the positive impact of investments in football at all levels and funding for club community programs on millions of lives.

A Decade of Dedication Recognized

Over nearly a decade with LFC Foundation, Nick Ryan, now the school program manager, has transitioned from a casual staff member to a pivotal leader, significantly impacting lives through his daily efforts. In recognition of his unwavering dedication, LFC CEO Billy Hogan and LFC Foundation chief executive Matt Parish presented Nick with a personalized print, captain’s armband, and pennant at Anfield during the recent Burnley game. This gesture acknowledges Nick’s instrumental role in transformation and solidifies his position as a key manager within the organization.

Nick Ryan: Impactful Community Leadership

Following this recognition, Nick had the privilege of visiting the AXA Training Centre, where he received congratulations from manager Jürgen Klopp and members of the men’s squad. Expressing his pride at being selected as this season’s Premier League Community Captain, Nick stated, “As the schools program manager for LFC Foundation, I am grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact and leave a lasting legacy in the lives of young individuals in the Liverpool City Region.”

Nick’s Impact on Youth Development

“I’m proud to be nominated as this season’s Premier League Community Captain,” Nick said. “As the schools programme manager for LFC Foundation, I’m honored that my role allows me to create positive change and leave a lasting legacy in the lives of young people across the Liverpool City Region.”

Thanks to Nick and his team, numerous young people have gained essential life skills while receiving educational support. By integrating education with the development of crucial life skills, Nick ensures that the impact goes beyond sports, enriching the lives of youngsters and equipping them with tools for personal and academic success. In addition to supporting young people, Nick also offers tailored support to schools and teachers directly.

Image source: Liverpool FC

LFC Foundation

Being a part of the Liverpool Football Club isn’t just about the game; it’s about belonging to the greatest football family globally, one that looks out for each other, especially those in need.

The LFC Foundation, the official charity of Liverpool Football Club, embodies this spirit. Its mission is to unite the LFC family and create life-changing opportunities for children and young people. Collaborating with official partners—IntoUniversity North Liverpool, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, and Alder Hey Children’s Charity—the foundation delivers a range of programs to enhance the lives and health prospects of youngsters.

With the incredible support of the LFC family, the foundation reached 11,600 individuals last season, filling 125,000 program spots and conducting 60 weekly sessions in schools and communities. The funds raised from the Players’ Awards 2018 will further fuel the LFC Foundation’s initiatives and partnerships, extending support to even more children and young people in need

Liverpool FC Foundation’s Inspiring Impact

Nick Ryan’s unwavering dedication at LFC Foundation reflects the organization’s core values, highlighting the transformative influence of sports and physical activity in fostering positive change among the youth. His impact extends beyond the foundation, creating a lasting legacy of empowerment, skill development, and a sincere passion for a healthy and active lifestyle within the community.”

This news showcases the remarkable work being done by Liverpool FC through LFC Foundation and highlights the positive impact on the lives of many individuals in the Liverpool City Region. Stay tuned for more Liverpool FC news as the club continues to make a difference in the community!


In conclusion, Nick Ryan’s recognition as the Premier League Community Captain is a testament to his unwavering commitment to Liverpool FC’s official charity, the LFC Foundation, and his significant contributions to education in the Liverpool City Region. The ‘More Than A Game’ campaign rightly shines a spotlight on individuals like Nick, whose dedication has positively impacted the lives of numerous young individuals.

His journey from a casual staff member to a key manager at LFC Foundation showcases the transformative power of sports and education in driving positive change. Nick’s efforts not only focus on the development of essential life skills in young people but also extend into providing support to schools and teachers directly.

Liverpool FC’s commitment to community engagement and social impact, as exemplified by Nick Ryan and the LFC Foundation, demonstrates the club’s core values and its role in leaving a lasting legacy of empowerment, skill development, and a genuine enthusiasm for a healthy and active lifestyle in the Liverpool City Region. As the club continues its community-focused initiatives, it remains a beacon of positive change, making a difference in the lives of individuals and reinforcing the notion that football is indeed “More Than A Game.”

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