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As the Anfield Road End stand is just a few inches from completion by Rayner Rowen Construction, eager supporters can experience a glimpse of their future perspective within the redeveloped soccer field. With views from Anfield Road stand, expectations are popping up for the anticipated season, offering a promise of undoubted experience as Liverpool FC takes to the stadium before a 61,000 supporters’ base is established. This will be the highest attendance at Anfield Stadium since 1977. The current expansion project is anticipated to add a further 7,000 seats to the historic ground. This will set a platform for the 2024 campaign. It’s a development that indicates the tangible and physical advancement of Anfield as well as the unprecedented chance for more fans to experience Liverpool club in action firsthand.

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While the ongoing season recently concluded, supporters are already changing their focus above the summer break. They are eagerly waiting for the return of their team after a challenging campaign on all fronts. This forms a sense of refined optimism that permeates the supporters’ base, triggered by the possibility of a refurbished and stretched field that promises an appealing atmosphere.

Views from Anfield Road Stand

In the satiation of this expanding curiosity and enjoyment, a cutting-edge 3-dimensional map has been revealed, allowing supporters to virtually understand the stadium perspective from every direction. It’s an immersive framework that stretches to the newly developed Anfield Road stand, giving fans a sneak peek into their soccer day experience for the future seasons.

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The 3D mapping is serving as a digital gateway, making it possible for supporters to check their view of the stadium, therefore, bringing them nearer to the core of the action even before the initial blow of the whistle is made. As the soccer community awaits the resumption of real-time games with curiosity, the 3D framework becomes an innovation that adds a brand new dimension to the supporter’s experience. Of course, this forms a bridge to link fans’ curiosity and reality.

The Back Row Angle View

Diving into the intricacies of the brand-new development, we can now explore to discover several motivating vantage points it gives, setting the platform for an unforgettable phase in Anfield’s illustrated history. Let’s start our glimpse of the stadium from the very far vantage point. This is a view not dissimilar to that from the Main stand summit – giving an inclusive visibility of the overall stadium.  This unique segment affords the fans a thrilling angle of view that is excellent and centrally situated at an ideal height for a heated game day experience.

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Just in case you find yourself nestled in the upper-left corner of the brand-new stand, you will be glad for the generous view of the activities. The new roofing framework touching the Kop stand makes sure there is an unobstructed panoramic view of the pitch. Supporters who formerly sat on the lower tier of the Anfield Road End will with no doubt enjoy the improved experience, particularly those who, under the previous roof, contended with comparisons reflecting their slightness to letterboxes.

The View from the Lower and Upper Section

Remember the newly added seats? They are in thousands and have been designated for Liverpool’s season ticket waiting list. We hope the fortunate spectators will receive offers for the upcoming seasons. Supporters can easily preview their allocated points for each home match in the Premier League. This will be along with other rivals if they opt to take part in the team’s auto cup scheme.

Lower and Upper Tiers | Liverpool FC

In a go-ahead signal, the lower tier will remain rail seating – a characteristic established in Anfield on a trial phase in 2021. It’s a commitment that makes sure that the transitioning of the field experience correlates with security considerations and contemporary spectator’s tastes and preferences.

Is Anfield Road Stand for Away Fans?

In a match between Fulham and Liverpool FC on January 10, home fans were to enter the stadium through turnstiles N, O, P, Q, and R. The accessibility was either from the end of Anfield Road or Dahlia Walk. For the away supporters, the preferred access to the Anfield stadium using turnstile M was through Arkles Lane. Nevertheless, Anfield Road access is now fully reachable to all spectators on Match days. The away fans were supposed to use the gate marked D4A, located between Sir Kenny Dalglish and the Anfield Road stands.

The Capacity of the Field After the New Stand.

As the field welcomes enhancements, it will cater to the desires of the avid fan base and the embodiment of the team’s devotion to offering an exceptional and comprehensive space for all fans. There is a huge anticipation for the launch of a home game of the 2023/2024 season. The brand-new Road End positions itself as a testament to the team’s commitment to offering a tangible experience for its supporters. The stretched stand, with a capacity set to hit a recommended base of 61,000 supporters, is poised to house at least 15,000 Liverpool diehards, ensuring an active and charged atmosphere within its walls.


The lower tier retention, displaying rail seating launched in 2021, highlights a harmonious mixture of culture and modernity. The seamless incorporation of the new stand not only improves the fan’s luxury and slightness but also reinforces a sense of unity and persistence with the historic stadium. The imminent removal of the roof in the redevelopment plan added the final touch to the transformation work. Since Rayner Rowen Construction took over after Carillion, the laid down steps are a culmination of beneficial planning and implementation. This has created a way for an uninterrupted view of the soccer field and the Kop stand. As Liverpool club makes arrangements to take the stadium now and in the future seasons, the refurbished Anfield Road End stand aligns well with the club’s vision represents a season in the team’s rich history, and promises a unique matchday.

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