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Ness Shankly Unveiled the Gates

Step into the hallowed grounds of Anfield Stadium, where history and reverence meet at the iconic Bill Shankly Gates. Unveiling the legacy of a legendary football manager, the gates stand as more than just a normal entry point. They encapsulate the soul of the club.

Ness Shankly, the widow of soccer legend Bill Shankly, ceremoniously launched the Shankly Gates on 26th August 1982. The Gates opening happened almost a year after his death. The emotional crowd that attended the event consisted of the former Liverpool chairman John Smith, along with Graeme Souness and Bob Paisley. Put alongside the Hillsborough memorial on the side of Anfield Road, the gates bear the concrete engraved words “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. The poignant event marked a tribute to Shankly’s lasting story, forever linking the iconic phrase with Liverpool FC.

A decade prior, Horace Yates from the Liverpool Echo had given a proposal to install the gates at Anfield as a tribute to their revered leader. It’s a concept that materialized in 1972 when the brand new gates beautified the entrance to the car park. Yates, taking inspiration from the W.G Grace Gates’ at Lord’s cricket field dedicated to the popular cricketer, saw a familiar homage for Liverpool. He suggested naming them the W. Shankly Gates to keep

Shankly Gates

remembering the man who hoisted Liverpool from obscurity to their most historic season. The link between Anfield and Shankly had turned inseparable over the years, proposing a testament that fits the manager’s tangible impact on the team’s legacy. Positioning these gates would serve as an everlasting sign, adorning the legacy of Bill Shankly and remembering his core responsibility in driving Liverpool to undoubted achievements.

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But you may be wondering, who is Bill Shankly of Liverpool FC? Let’s dive into a small piece of the story of an individual who, through his sheer determination and management, transformed Liverpool FC from a struggling second-division team into one of the most formidable and celebrated teams in the annals of European soccer history.

Who is Bill Shankly of Liverpool?

Known for his powerful quotes that inspired Liverpool FC and most likely the rivals, Shankly was an envisioned leader who hailed from a small Scottish mining community. It’s an interesting thing to know that Bill was one of five brothers who professionally played soccer. He played as a ball-winning right-half and was capped 12 times for Scotland, consisting of seven wartime internationals. Shankly spent one season at Carlisle United before spending the rest of his career at Preston North End, with whom he won the FA Cup in 1938.

There was an interruption that hit his playing career in the Royal Air Force during World War II. Later on, he became a manager after he retired from playing in 1949, returning to Carlisle United. He managed Grimsby Town, Workington as well as Huddersfield Town before transitioning to becoming one of the revered managers in Liverpool in 1959.

Why is Shankly so Special in Liverpool FC History?

Taking the reins when Liverpool languished in the Second Division, Shankly concentrated on the monumental role of refurbishing, driving the team to become a dominant force in English and European soccer. He oversaw their ascent, securing the 2nd Division Championship in 1962, marking their comeback to the top-flight First Division. Additionally, under his tenure, Liverpool clinched 3 First Division Championships, 2 FA Cups, 4 Charity Shields, and 1 UEFA Cup. Bill’s undoubted mark on Liverpool stretched beyond the trophy cabinet. He was able to instigate the iconic change to an all-red home strip and finally immortalized “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. This was the squad’s powerful anthem that up to now has done wonders in Liverpool FC history.

The Zenith of his leadership coincided with the surprise statement of his retirement a few weeks after Liverpool’s victory in the 1974 FA Cup Finals. After fifteen years at the helm, he passed the mantle to his friend and loyal assistant Bob Paisley. He bid farewell to the pitch in Wembley for the last time at the 1974 FA Charity Shield.  Seven years later, Bill Shankly passed on at the age of 68, leaving an enduring story within the walls of Liverpool.

Known as one of the greatest soccer managers, Bill earned a place among the inaugural inductees into the European Football Hall of Fame in 2002. Later, there went the Scottish Football Hall of Fame in 2004. Bill is one of the managers whose influence continues to linger in peoples’ minds, forever etching his identity in the annals of soccer history.

Bill Shankly Gates Moved to Allow Field Expansion

For the first time, since Ness Shankly unveiled the gates at least one year after his demise, the Bill Shankly Memorial Gates were temporarily moved to pave the way for the enhancement of the Anfield stadium. They were relocated to a strong and safe place to allow the expansion of one of the popular stands of Anfield. Since their unveiling in 1982, these gates have remained as a firm sign, marking a season of remarkable significance for Liverpool. This temporary movement and preservation of the gates to allow Anfield construction underscores the devotion to maintaining and protecting the legacy of Bill Shankly.

By then, the Main Stand expansion aimed to augment the stadium capacity by approximately 8,500, reaching a total of at least 54,000.


Beyond the steel and iron, Bill Shankly Gates displays the unshaken link between the club, its fans, and the revered soccer manager. Since the unveiling by his widow, the gates have served as more than mere physical entry hubs. They significantly represent a tangible threshold, transcending time and space. When Anfield underwent some improvements some years back, the Gates, bearing witness to the years of victories and plights, were safeguarded with meticulous care, making sure that their continued responsibility as a concrete emblem of Bill’s enduring charisma remained. The Gates endure not just a physical layout but a timeless tribute to a football legend whose spirit continues to guide Liverpool FC.

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YNWA (You’ll Never Walk Alone)!
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