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Being one of the most adored and well-supported teams in English soccer, Liverpool’s status is internationally recognized and felt through the wonderful display of their shirts unless, of course, you discover your interest in Arsenal. Liverpool club has displayed some of the most amazing away shirts ever made, setting aside the season termed as “Warrior years” in the course of eccentric uniform makers who looked determined to beautify the players as if they were meant to mix into a 1970s rest room.

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Let’s dive into a clear discussion of the interesting designs Liverpool has proudly chosen. Below is the countdown of the Liverpool away kits history.

Umbro Kit: 1981 -1984

The Liverpool’s ‘81-84’ away design by Umbro was worn in three consecutive league title-winning campaigns. The uncomplicated away kit adorned the club in the course of their triumphant campaigns to get several league titles. In the 1982 era, the center of the kit proudly showcased the partner, Crown Paints. Nevertheless, for a single season, the unavailability of the sponsor established an inspiring sight. It was a moment of pure and unsullied beautification.

Liverpool Away Kits History
Liverpool Away Kits History | Image source: Classic football

The popular V-neck shape and cuffing sleeves take us back to a season when the match allowed for a little more physicality, a moment when shaking hands of a player to the match may contain a robust challenge and VAR echoed like a complicated software ready to turbocharge a computer.

Adidas Kit: 1985 -1986

In the current soccer landscape. Team shirts are normally adorned with several sponsors and intricate paradigms. However, there is a given charm in falling for the splendid simplicity showcased in the previous designs. Liverpool away kits history dominance in the 1970s and ’80s has been etched in every supporter’s mind, particularly Kenny Dalglish who geared the Reds to their 8th first-division title in just 10+ years. Still, in the course of a 7-year stint supported by Crown Paints, the club showcased a feeling of elegance with the white away shirt in 1985-1986. Liverpool’s understated beauty caused it to stand out as one of the most inspiring away kits to glorify the stadiums at Anfield. In the season highlighted by simplicity, the distinct design continued to be revered by supporters, representing a season of perfection and way of life in Liverpool’s away kit stories.

Grey Candy Kit: 1988 – 1989

Oh, what nice stuff we are getting to! These jerseys have beautified each trendy shop, the Candy logo and fantastic design making the outfit a fashion statement even more greatly celebrated today than in the former days. Even though the squad didn’t manage to defend their top-flight championship from 1988 to 1989, they narrowly lost to Arsenal. However, they quickly reclaimed the champion’s status shortly. The season held a cherished place in the souls of many supporters courtesy of the amazing kit.

Adidas Kit: 1993 – 1995

During this period at the club, John Barnes donned various amazing kits though among them, the amid-90s green and white uniform positioned itself as the best. On paper, the blend of the core Liverpool badge and green stripes may look uninteresting but in the real sense, it’s a strikingly beautiful framework. There was a debut of this kit in 1993 when Liverpool’s season of top-flight ruling concluded. Nevertheless, regardless of the team’s on-field activity not correlating with the glorious days of the former, this inspiring away kit stands as a testament to the unlimited elegance and way of style linked with Liverpool FC.

Adidas Kit: 1995 – 1996

This event automatically brings to mind a young Robbie Fowler, with a blond hairstyle at Old Trafford. When Manchester United was visited by Liverpool in 1995, the homegrown expertise netted an interesting brace. Much like the 1993-1995 away kit, the peculiar mixture of white and green seemed like an unpredictable combination though it oddly clicks and functions in a seamless manner.

Reebok Kit: 1997-1998

A design by Reebok marked the Liverpool away kit history with a bang. The hairstyles may have raised eyebrows, yet the well-designed away kit exuded a certain way of style for the squad. Yellow color is still a favorable hue for the club’s away shirt and part of the pieces of variations. The V-design on the neck area stood out with vibrancy though not the absolute best as fans may purport. Reebok company took a brave approach with this design, giving it an accent of red and black linings. The lining framework added to the overall quality and creation of the away kit. It was in the manufacturer’s mind to draw inspiration from the club’s iconic white Armani suits used in the 1996 FA Cup final. The bravery in the design strategy reflected the club’s penchant for stepping above convention, ensuring a tangible memory and audacity to their away kit fashion.

 Reebok Kit: 1999-2000

John Houlding’s team has done exploration of several color patterns for their away attire in the past years. Green choice stands to be the most favorite selection for the team. It’s a specific option that causes vivid memories of players like Steven Gerrard. His boldness in attacking competitors and youthful character form part of this great memory. The era of 1999 – 2000 set the beginning of Gerard Houllier’s solo management after working closely with Roy Evans before. Even after the conclusion of the campaign with zero silverware, the season set the platform for the team’s victorious treble-successful campaign in 2000-2001.

Adidas Kit: 2007-2008

Of course, the tangible collaboration of Gerrard and Fernando Torres sets an aspect of an adorable memory. There was a long-term collaboration with Reebok of about 10 years Liverpool decided to change gears in 2006, welcoming the new feeling and partnership of Adidas. In 2007 and 2008 the company made an attire that stood out. It was an impeccable design of a white and red shirt used by the club in the 2007 and 2008 era. This design captured the attention of many fans as the best away shirt made. Nevertheless, regardless of Fernando’s remarkable initial season at Anfield, the clean and sleek away kit could not affect the club’s determination for the Premier League star. The team finalized the era in a disheartening fourth position, noting their unyielding strive despite the excellence displayed in the stadium.

New Balance Kit: 2017 – 2018

In partnership with Liverpool FC, New Balance introduced a variety of kits.  Some of these attires raised the eyebrows and finally, the white and green designs topped as the unanticipated achievement. The 2017 to 2018 era of Jurgen Klopp, was a turning point for distinctive philosophy and style that started to reap felt outcomes. Some figures like Mohamed Salah propelled the team to the Champions League final before succumbing to Real Madrid’s fury. However, even in losing, there is still some value in looking impeccable, isn’t it? It’s the undisputed contentment in presenting a stylish display on the competing ground, presenting a touch of grace to the overall experience, even when there’s a bitter taste of defeat.

New Balance Kit: 2019-2020

Believe it or not, Liverpool’s away jerseys from the 1980s to 1990s were aligned as the most style kits in soccer history. However, the New Balance balanced the situation to outdo themselves with this specific creation, topping among the Premier League’s smartest away kits. It’s just simple and paired with navy shorts and uncompromising white socks.

Sadio Mane
Sadio Mane | Image source: LFCOnline

It’s visually striking and proceeds to hold a specific place in Liverpool’s away kit history. This marked the moment the team ended their Premier League famine, 30 years after their last first-division victory.

Liverpool’s Latest Away Fashion by Nike: 2023-2024

Aah, Liverpool away kits history makes another interesting turn in 2023-2024. What a year of unveiling the latest and finest away Liverpool kit! This confirmed the previous leaks in the away jerseys no wonder Nike took it upon themselves to craft a unique design that pays homage to the 1995-1996 away attire. This new uniform blends white and green hues in conjunction with black logos. It’s an official label dubbed as “White, Green Spark, Black” the collaboration that defines the color pattern.

Liverpool away kits history

Latest Liverpool Away Kit | Image Source: Goal

What sets apart the club’s 2023-2024 away kit? The uniform carries in it a 1990s-motivated scheme in different shades of green over a white backdrop. It’s a design that integrates quarter paradigms and lines, taking motivation from the iconic Liverpool 1995-1996 away jersey. It’s amazing to have both the collar and sleeve cuffs presented in black!


The journey of Liverpool’s away kits is an illustration knitted with culture, creativity, and traditional resonance. As the team proceeds with its legacy, these kits remain a core part of the club’s identity, mirroring the club’s spirit and transition across various segments and seasons. With each season, the launch of the away kit proves to be a testament to the team’s rich heritage and everlasting effect on soccer fashion.

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