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Introduction: In the lead-up to Liverpool’s pivotal clash against West Ham in the Carabao Cup quarter-final, a meticulous pre-match analysis becomes the beacon guiding fans through the intricacies of Klopp’s tactical playbook.

Defensive Resilience: Klopp’s defensive choices send a resounding message—experience matters. Allison Becker’s return signals a commitment to stability, with the proven duo of Virgil Van Dijk and Ibrahim Konate forming an imposing central partnership. Full-backs Joe Gomez and Kostas Tsimikas, each chosen for specific attributes, complete the defensive quartet.

Midfield Revolution: A surprising yet intriguing move unfolds in midfield as Klopp places Trent Alexander-Arnold in the number six role. This unexpected adjustment aims to unleash Trent’s playmaking prowess from a deeper position. Harvey Elliott and Curtis Jones, youthful yet tenacious, flank Trent, providing the energy and pressing needed to control the midfield battleground.

Attacking Dynamics: Liverpool’s attacking trio blends the seasoned with the dynamic. Mohamed Salah, on the right, brings his goal-scoring prowess, while Luis Diaz, on the left, injects flair and creativity. The central dilemma of Darwin Nunez or Cody Gakpo reveals Klopp’s gamble—backing Nunez’s potential resurgence or Gakpo’s technical finesse. The unpredictability of this choice keeps fans on the edge, wondering who will lead the charge.

Predicted Starting XI: Klopp’s Masterstroke Unveiled


  • Allison Becker


  • Joe Gomez (RB)
  • Virgil Van Dijk (CB)
  • Ibrahim Konate (CB)
  • Kostas Tsimikas (LB)


  • Trent Alexander-Arnold (CDM)
  • Harvey Elliott (CM)
  • Curtis Jones (CM)


  • Mohamed Salah (RW)
  • Cody Gakpo/Darwin Nunez (ST)
  • Luis Diaz (LW)

Conclusion: As the anticipated clash draws near, Klopp’s chosen eleven unfolds as a strategic masterpiece. Defensive solidity, midfield innovation, and attacking flair converge, setting the stage for Liverpool’s pursuit of League Cup glory. The subheading, “Predicted Starting XI,” unveils the chessboard where each piece holds the potential to shape the outcome of this pivotal encounter.

Note: The final starting XI may vary based on fitness assessments and Klopp’s matchday decisions.

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