Liverpool vs Union Saint-GilloiseLiverpool vs Union Saint-Gilloise

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Greetings, dedicated Liverpool fans! Let’s delve into a comprehensive analysis of our recent Europa League clash against Union Sanil. This detailed assessment aims to provide a nuanced understanding of individual player performances, offering insights into both strengths and areas for improvement.

Player Ratings

1. Caoimhin Kelleher – 5/10

Kelleher exhibited commendable shot-stopping abilities, making crucial saves throughout the match. However, there were moments where decision-making and distribution faltered, contributing to a more challenging defensive situation.

2. Connor Bradley – 6/10

In his second match back from injury, Bradley demonstrated resilience in the face of defensive challenges. While occasional lapses occurred, his overall performance hinted at promise, showcasing a commendable recovery from recent setbacks.

3. Kaide Gordon – 7/10

Gordon’s return to the starting lineup was a highlight, displaying remarkable technical skills and creating notable opportunities. Despite facing physical challenges from the opposition, his resilience and impact on the attacking front earned him a commendable rating.

4. Jarrel Quanza – 6/10

Quanza’s well-taken goal highlighted his technical prowess, showcasing the potential for becoming a potent attacking force. However, defensive lapses slightly tarnished his overall performance, indicating the need for more consistency.

5. Konate – 5/10

While Ibu exhibited promise in offensive contributions, defensive vulnerabilities persisted on his side. Improvements in positioning and defensive awareness are essential for achieving a more balanced and impactful performance.

6. Chambers – 5/10

Chambers’ eagerness to intervene defensively was evident, but a tendency to commit too early left the team exposed at times. With a bit more experience and refined decision-making, he has the potential to solidify his role in the defensive line.

7. Endo – 4/10

Endo’s presence in the midfield lacked the assertiveness needed to control the game effectively. Defensive lapses added to the challenges faced by the team, emphasizing the necessity for a more commanding presence in future matches.

8. Harvey Elliot – 6/10

Elliot’s technical ability and vision were apparent, creating sparks of brilliance in the midfield. However, a more decisive impact is expected from a player of his caliber, emphasizing the need for increased confidence and assertiveness.

9. Curtis Jones – 6/10

Jones displayed commendable energy and commitment throughout the match. However, the offensive output fell slightly short of expectations for a senior player, urging a more pronounced influence in the attacking third.

10. Ben Doak – 4/10

Ben Doak’s performance was marked by sporadic contributions, resulting in an underwhelming display. Consistency in showcasing the anticipated potential is crucial for elevating his rating in future matches.

11. Cody Gakpo – 5/10

Gakpo faced challenges in making a significant impact in the attacking third. While there were glimpses of potential, a more assertive and involved presence is required to justify a higher rating.


1. Ryan Gravenberch – 5/10

Grenberg, introduced in the second half, showcased glimpses of promise. However, the overall impact was limited, indicating room for growth and adaptation to the intensity of higher-level competition.

2. Joe Gomez – 5/10

Gomez faced defensive challenges upon entering the game, displaying moments of resilience. Refinement in positioning and decision-making is necessary for a more impactful defensive performance in future fixtures.

3. Darwin – 6/10

Limited opportunities prevented a comprehensive assessment of Darwin’s performance. However, positive glimpses suggest potential for impactful contributions with increased game time.

4. Scanlon – 6/10

Scanlon’s brief appearance showcased decent defensive contributions. While not setting the world alight, his composed demeanor indicates potential for growth and adaptation to the demands of higher-level competition.

5. McConnell – 6/10

Despite inadequate protection from the referee, McConnell displayed resilience. A positive cameo suggests potential for growth and adaptation to higher-level competition.

Manager Assessment – Jurgen Klopp: 5/10

Klopp’s lineup choices were reasonable for a less critical fixture, acknowledging the need for player rotation. However, defensive vulnerabilities persist when possession is turned over, emphasizing the necessity for adjustments to ensure greater defensive stability.


As we reflect on this Europa League encounter, our collective focus shifts to the highly anticipated clash against Manchester United on Sunday. The potential for growth and improvement within the squad is palpable, and with continued support, the Reds aim to deliver a stronger, more cohesive performance.

Share your insights and predictions in the comments section, and stay tuned to Liverpool FC Times for comprehensive coverage and updates. Let’s stand united in support of our beloved Reds on their journey to success! You’ll Never Walk Alone.

YNWA (You’ll Never Walk Alone)!
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