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Liverpool’s star goalkeeper, Alisson Becker, has earned a prestigious nomination for the Premier League Save of the Month for April. The Brazilian shot-stopper’s outstanding performance in a recent match against Crystal Palace at Anfield has secured his place among the best in the league this month.

A Brilliant Reaction Save Against Crystal Palace

Alisson Becker’s save against Crystal Palace was a defining moment in the game and a testament to his exceptional reflexes and skill. Jean-Philippe Mateta, Crystal Palace’s forward, made a close-range attempt on goal in the second half of the match. However, Alisson showcased his world-class ability by making a stunning reaction save to deny Mateta’s shot, keeping Liverpool in the game and securing a valuable point.

The save demonstrated Alisson’s exceptional anticipation and positioning, as well as his quick reflexes. His ability to react in a split second and parry the ball away from the goal line exemplifies why he is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world. This save highlighted his remarkable agility and athleticism, as well as his strong command of the goal area.

Alisson Becker Liverpool

Liverpool FC Goalkeeper

Alisson Becker’s Contributions to Liverpool’s Success

Alisson Becker’s overall performance during the match against Crystal Palace was stellar. He commanded his area confidently, made crucial saves when needed, and organized the defense effectively. His presence between the posts provided stability to the Liverpool backline, ensuring they remained solid in the face of Palace’s attacking threat.

This nomination is a reflection of Alisson’s consistent excellence throughout the season. As one of the most reliable goalkeepers in the Premier League, his contributions to Liverpool’s defense cannot be overstated. His leadership and communication skills with the defensive line help maintain the team’s structure and cohesion on the pitch.

Notably, Alisson Becker’s precise distribution allows him to initiate attacks from the back, providing an additional dimension to Liverpool’s play. His ability to pick out players with long-range passes and quick throws adds a strategic advantage to the team’s overall strategy.

Other Contenders for the Prize

Alisson Becker’s faces tough competition from other goalkeepers who have been equally impressive in April. The shortlisted contenders include:

  • Matz Sels (Nottingham Forest): Sels is known for his strong shot-stopping ability and made an outstanding save during a challenging game. His agility and quick reflexes have earned him recognition as one of the league’s top goalkeepers.
  • Dean Henderson (Crystal Palace): Henderson’s performance throughout the season has been noteworthy, and his save in April highlighted his sharp reactions and excellent decision-making. His resilience and ability to perform under pressure make him a formidable contender.
  • Lukasz Fabianski (West Ham United): Fabianski has consistently delivered for West Ham, and his save in April showcased his ability to read the game and make crucial stops. His experience and composure make him a reliable presence in goal.
  • Arijanet Muric (Burnley): Muric’s save during the month earned him recognition for his composure and shot-stopping skills. His performances have helped Burnley maintain a strong defensive record.
  • Andre Onana (Manchester United): Onana’s nomination comes as no surprise, given his exceptional performances this season. His save in April was a display of his athleticism and quick thinking, making him a strong candidate for the award.
Allison Becker


Each of these contenders brings their unique style and strengths to the field, making the competition for the award intense and closely watched by fans and experts alike.

Significance of the Nomination

For Alisson Becker, being nominated for Premier League Save of the Month is not only a testament to his individual talent but also an acknowledgment of his vital role in Liverpool’s success this season. His ability to make game-changing saves and inspire confidence in his teammates is a key factor in the team’s overall performance.

Liverpool fans will undoubtedly rally behind Alisson as they vote for him to win the award. His consistent excellence has made him a beloved figure at Anfield, and his nomination adds another feather to his cap.

How to Vote

Supporters can cast their votes for Alisson Becker to win Premier League Save of the Month on the official Premier League website. The voting period is open until 12 pm BST on May 6, giving fans a chance to support their favorite goalkeeper and recognize his exceptional contributions to the game.


In conclusion, Alisson Becker’s nomination for Premier League Save of the Month in April is a well-deserved recognition of his outstanding performance and world-class abilities. Fans can show their appreciation by voting for him and celebrating his contributions to Liverpool’s defense and the Premier League as a whole. His save against Crystal Palace is a clear indicator of his extraordinary skills, and it adds to the numerous memorable moments he has delivered in his career. By acknowledging his excellence, the football community can continue to celebrate the art of goalkeeping at its finest.

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