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Wataru Endo is filled with anticipation as he looks forward to his first final with Liverpool this upcoming weekend. The midfielder played a crucial role in securing a 4-1 victory over Luton Town, despite facing a halftime deficit at Anfield, thus keeping the team’s Premier League title hopes alive. In a bid to secure their first trophy under the management of Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s Wataru Endo emphasizes the significance of clinching a record 10th Carabao Cup title as the potential catalyst for further success.

Liverpool’s Quadruple Bid: Wembley Showdown

In the pursuit of an unprecedented Quadruple, Liverpool finds themselves at a pivotal juncture, with Wataru Endo emphasizing the significance of overcoming Chelsea at Wembley on Sunday. The midfielder’s perspective resonates with the collective ambition of the team, aiming not only to bid farewell to Klopp’s tenure with glory but also to establish a winning momentum crucial for further achievements.

Wataru Endo’s Wembley Debut: Aiming for First Trophy with Liverpool

The focus has now shifted towards the Carabao Cup final against Chelsea at Wembley on Sunday, a moment that Endo is eagerly awaiting. He is determined to bring the trophy back to Merseyside and believes that a win would provide a significant boost for the team in their other competitions.

Playing at Wembley for the first time in front of a crowd of 90,000 fans is a special moment that Wataru Endo is looking forward to. He expresses his excitement about the opportunity and what winning the title would mean to him as his first trophy with Liverpool. Endo is fully committed to doing his part to help the team emerge victorious in the final.

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Endo Thanks Fans, Wembley Triumph

Wataru Endo acknowledges the incredible support from the fans, who have been a source of inspiration for the team. Their unwavering dedication and energizing presence have been instrumental in driving the players forward. The midfielder is grateful for the fans’ backing and values their contribution to the team’s success.

Wataru Endo speaks:

“If we could win this first [trophy], I think it would have a really positive impact on the other competitions we’re competing in. Winning at Wembley would give us extra energy for the challenges ahead,”

“I’m so excited to play there [at Wembley]. I heard that 90,000 people will be there to watch. It will be my first time at such a special stadium.

“It would mean a lot to me. It would be my first title with Liverpool. I’m very excited. I’m focused on doing everything I can to help the team win the final.

“The fans, they have been amazing to me. The atmosphere was crazy in the second half against Luton. It helps us so much as a team and I am happy to play with these fans behind us. They inspire us.”

Endo Driven: Honoring Klopp’s Legacy

With the announcement of Jurgen Klopp‘s decision to leave Liverpool at the end of the 2023-24 season, Wataru Endo is motivated to achieve success under the guidance of the esteemed manager. He is determined to secure titles for Klopp as a token of appreciation for the impact he has had on Endo’s career in just one season of working together.

Despite facing injury concerns leading up to the Luton match, the Liverpool squad displayed resilience and unity in securing a crucial victory. Endo praises the team’s togetherness and strength in the face of adversity, highlighting their unwavering commitment to representing the spirit of Liverpool in every game.

Silverware Ambition

Wataru Endo recognizes the importance of securing their inaugural piece of silverware, understanding it as a decisive step in solidifying Liverpool’s dominance across multiple competitions. The midfielder’s words echo the team’s determination to etch their name in football history, showcasing a relentless pursuit of success as they lead the Premier League and navigate challenges in the FA Cup and Europa League.

As the Reds stand at the summit of the Premier League, Endo’s repeated emphasis on the upcoming clash against Chelsea at Wembley underscores the team’s collective drive to elevate their performance to new heights. Liverpool fans eagerly anticipate the outcome of the Carabao Cup final, with hopes that a victory will serve as a springboard for more triumphs in their ambitious Quadruple campaign.

As the team prepares for the challenges ahead, Wataru Endo remains focused on the task at hand and is determined to contribute towards achieving success for Liverpool, both in the Carabao Cup final and beyond. With his passion, dedication, and talent, Wataru Endo is poised to make a significant impact and help lead the team to glory.


In conclusion, Wataru Endo’s eagerness for the Carabao Cup final against Chelsea at Wembley epitomizes the collective spirit of Liverpool as they strive for an unprecedented Quadruple. The midfielder’s focus on securing his first trophy with the club and honoring Jurgen Klopp’s legacy adds depth to their quest for success.

Wataru Endo’s gratitude towards the fans and acknowledgment of their vital role in driving the team forward highlights the symbiotic relationship between the players and supporters. The upcoming Wembley showdown not only holds personal significance for Endo but also presents a crucial opportunity for Liverpool to gain momentum in their pursuit of multiple titles.

As the team stands atop the Premier League, the Carabao Cup final becomes a decisive moment in their season, with the potential to set the tone for future triumphs. Endo’s commitment to contributing to a victory reflects the resilience and unity displayed by Liverpool, especially in the face of recent challenges.

With the departure of Jurgen Klopp looming, the squad’s determination to secure titles under his guidance adds an emotional layer to their current campaign. The team’s togetherness and unwavering commitment to embodying the spirit of Liverpool bode well for their aspirations in various competitions.

Liverpool fans eagerly anticipate the outcome at Wembley, hoping that a Carabao Cup triumph will serve as a catalyst for further success in their ambitious Quadruple bid. As they navigate the challenges ahead, the Reds remain poised to leave a lasting impact on the footballing landscape, fueled by their collective drive and the legacy of their departing manager.

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