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Recently, we looked at the Liverpool managers under FSG some of whom will be discussed in our list of Liverpool managers since 2000. Liverpool Football Club has seen a carousel of leaders with talents since the turn of the millennium, each leaving their indelible mark on the team’s illustrated history. From the tactical prowess of Gerard Houllier to the Champions League victory under Rafael Benitez, and the comeback of the club’s figure Kenny Dalglish, the managerial space at the Anfield pitch has been both dynamic and wide.

Someone like Brendan Rodgers brought a refined sense of optimism, laying the foundations for achievements before Jurgen Klopp’s arrival caused a new season of high-pressing soccer and anticipated glow and glory. The fact remains that each coach has facilitated and contributed to the rich tapestry of Liverpool’s story in their special way. Without a waste of time, let’s look at each manager’s contribution on the pitch and entire Liverpool welfare.

Gérard Houllier (2000–2004): Liverpool Managers

One of the Liverpool managers since 2000 is Gerard Houllier. His tenure as a Liverpool manager kicked off in 1998 to 2004. Gerard was not only distinguished by his tactical acumen but also his personal touch, endearing him as a unique legend in Liverpool’s history. Under his fruitful leadership, Liverpool secured a remarkable treble of the League Cup, FA Cup, and UEFA Cup in the unforgettable 2000 to 2001 era.

The Liverpool manager’s influence stretched beyond Anfield, leaving an everlasting effect on players and supporters alike. Unfortunately, Gerard passed on in 2023 at the age of 73. The day marked a somber moment for the soccer space, as tributes streamed in honor of his contributions to the beautiful match and the club’s illustrious history.

Rafael Benítez (2004–2010): Liverpool Managers

Rafael joined the Liverpool managers in 2000 list following the dismissal of Gerard Houllier in 2004. His legacy as a Liverpool coach is commemorated with a reflection on his top ten games at the helm of Anfield. Managing from 2004 to 2010, Rafael Benitez led the squad to a memorable moment, consisting of 2 Champions League finals and an FA Cup triumph.

Notably, in his first season, the Reds staged a miraculous comeback over AC Milan in the 2005 Champions League final. They overturned a 3-0 halftime deficit to roar on penalties. Besides the subsequent problems, like a disappointing 7th-place finish in the premier league from 2009 to 2010, his tenure was defined by a tangible achievement and unforgettable encounters. Rafael Benitez’s departure in 2010, mutually agreed upon after a turbulent 6-year journey, saw the end of a season, as Benitez checked into a new chapter with Inter Milan after his English victories with the Reds.

Roy Hodgson (2010–2011): Liverpool Managers

In 2010, Roy Hodgson assumed managerial responsibility at Liverpool getting a 3-year contract at the age of 62. Tasked with taking over after Rafael Benitez, who left by a mutual agreement, Roy’s arrival was met with much optimism. His former success at Fulham, leading them to the Europa League Final, added to the weight of his appointment. Nevertheless, Roy Hodgson’s era at Liverpool proved fleeting.

Liverpool managers

Image source: Eurosport

With just 7 wins from 20 Premier League games, he left the team mutually in January 2011. Looking a little bit at his time, Roy asserted the immense challenges he met, lamenting the incapacity to drive his vision on the team and take part in the refurbishing process. His departure made way for the legend Kenny Dalglish, who managed the team to the League Cup glow in 2012.

Kenny Dalglish (2011–2012): Liverpool Managers

Known as Liverpool’s greatest player, Kenny Dalglish assumed the leadership role, signing a 3-year contract after his interim stint. King Kenny’s appointment came amid Red’s struggle, hovering precariously in 12th place under Roy Hodgson’s leadership period. Dalglish triggered a remarkable turnaround, driving Liverpool to the 5th position in the Premier League, on the cusp of getting European qualification. Besides his legendary capacity as a player and initial managerial achievement, Kenny’s 2nd spell lacked the victories of his earlier years with the Reds and Blackburn in the 80s and 90s.

Criticism arose, especially regarding his strained relationship with the media, marked by increased confrontation exchanges. Taking a look at the departure of Kenny Dalglish in 2012, the afflicted manager complained of the challenges faced and the need for introspection amidst anticipations and pressures.

Brendan Rodgers (2012-2015): Liverpool Managers

Born on 26th January 1973, Brendan, was a Northern Irish soccer manager known for his tenure at Liverpool Football Club. His departure at Swansea City, made him ink a three-year contract with the Reds in May 2012. He succeeded Kenny Dalglish who left within the same month of his contract. Rodgers inherited a Liverpool team that had faltered in Champions League qualification for 3 consecutive eras, plagued by scoring problems.

Under his managerial role, Liverpool transitioned into one of Europe’s most formidable attacking sides, rewarding him the most amazing LMA Manager of the Year accolade for the 2013 to 2014 campaign. Nevertheless, a 6th position from 2014 to 2015, coupled with a lackluster beginning of the subsequent season, prompted Rodger’s dismissal from his leadership responsibility.

Jurgen Klopp (2015 to Present): Liverpool Managers

The other day, Jurgen Klopp announced his resignation from Liverpool FC after being with the squad for at least 8 years. Now, The American Sports executive is in the process of finding the next coach for the Reds. Jurgen Klopp’s transformative rule at Liverpool saw the club rise to the top of English, European, and global football within five years of his arrival at Anfield. Klopp’s adored status among supporters was launched early in his tenure, buoyed by the team’s 6th European Cup victory in 2019.

Subsequently, in 2020, the club’s title win was sealed with Manchester City’s defeat at Chelsea, asserting Jurgen’s legacy. Besides problems consisting of injuries in the 2020-2021 season, the club bounced back in 2021 and 2022, getting the Carabao Cup and establishing an impressive quadruple bid. Jurgen’s contract that was extended in 2022 cemented his managerial role, culminating in FA Cup glory and narrow runners-up finishes in the Premier League and Champions League.


In the ever-changing space of Liverpool FC’s managerial history since 2000, each coach has left an incredible mark no matter how minute it may look. From Houllier’s treble win to Jurgen’s historic triumph, their tenures have designed the team’s image. Through highs and lows, these leaders have collectively contributed to the enduring legacy of Liverpool football.

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